Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Multifarious Wednesday

I'm still all over the board trying to get my sewing room back in order!

many and of various types.
"multifarious activities"

Yep great description. 

Short video of the craziness in my sewing room!

Wrong season, but I bought this from Michelle! I need to finish it, but it is so cute and well done!

My new friend, Marsha, bought a pack of fabrics but didn't like this beauty! I was the lucky recipient. Thank you Marsha!

I've been making a little quilt in the Cheri Payne group. I finally finished it and gave it a little coffee bath. 

Robin is expecting it, but I'm not ready to show it until it arrives at her home.

I know many of you have read my posts about my friend from Guatemala who works with kids in the garbage dumps. Getting them an education is key to a better life. She was in Central Oregon and I was thrilled to see her and give her big hugs!

My niece is going to Netherlands for work! Yes, it may be a possibility to visit her. We will wait and see how her schedule and life is. I've never been so it may be fun!

That's my life for now, friends!
Love ya and Welcome February!



  1. I am so looking forward to seeing the finish of your Bird Quilt. I have so enjoyed watching you work on it. It's so lovely!!!

  2. Enjoy your time in WET-stern Washington. We on the east side, the dry side do not grow moss, even if we don't roll around much.

  3. The Netherlands is absolutely WONDERFUL! You must go!

  4. Looking forward to your visit!


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