Wednesday, February 8, 2023

QAL 2023 Les Maisons

Here's a couple more houses made with French General fabrics. 

 I'm loving these little houses! I do have a problem, though. They are different heights! Haven't figured out what to do about that yet. I so love the little chimney and will be doing a few more of those.

So far I've had a wonderful week and I hope you are too!


  1. Lori me encantan estas casitas. Saludos

  2. Love those little French General houses.
    Hmm, you could trim the "door" end of the block off even a little more on the shorter house and give them a "front step"--I may email you a drawing of what I mean.

  3. These French houses are classic and beautiful! Just add a strip to top of bottom of the shorter blocks;).

  4. What a wonderful use of French General fabrics! Love these little houses :)

  5. Love these little houses. I think your 2 left bottom houses have a higher roof; maybe you could trim the bottom of those roof line.
    Carole Y.

  6. Lovely, thanks for sharing.

  7. Your houses are beautiful ! I shared them on the FB group !


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