Monday, November 27, 2023

Guatemala Recap

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I've been in Guatemala for 9 days and here is a little recap, mostly about the beautiful textiles.

The first 2 days we relaxed after an overnight flight. We prepped for our week ahead and had some downtime for doing touristy things
 We visited a women's weaver's guild in San Juan La Laguna! Fair trade and really helps these women and their families. 

In this same town we visited a small chocolate shop. 
Very quilt-like! Hanging as a wall in a street shop.

Central Park located near our hotel.

Quetzaltenango Central Park marks the heart of Quetzaltenango’s Centro Histórico (Historic Center). Originally two gardens designed by Italian architect Alberto Porta, the park was redesigned by Guatemalan architect Rafael Pérez in 1938.

16th century cathedral in the center. 

We were there for a procession. My photos look very unreal. 

Heading to the after school program Faith Seeds started by my friend Gaby. I was surprised to see this volcano spewing just about every day.

I got the tool, what can I do to help?

Part of Faith Seeds is ministering to families that work/recycle at the local dump (which is huge!)
We were preparing bags with bread and juice to hand out. 

It was heart wrenching, but Faith Seeds is trying to help families get their kids to school so they do not have to work at the dump. The woman in the center (gray shirt) works at the after school program- this is her family. It was her first time delivering to the dump. We hope and pray other workers can see it is possible to leave this life behind and get out of the dump.

The women bring their kids to the after school program and wait 1-2 hours for them to finish classes. Many of them walk a long ways to get there so choose to wait. 
It is a safe haven for them as well .
The kids get a meal at the end of class. They all have a tupperware type container that they can take home leftovers. At least this ensures they get one meal a day. 

We did a few home visits and I spotted this in one of the homes. 

The owner of that treadle machine. I wonder if they think about my size when we hug? lol

It was an incredible trip. Very fulfilling and rewarding. 

Love seeing the beautiful bright traditional clothing as well!

I know there are so many wonderful causes. Tomorrow is "giving Tuesday" and if you'd like to help this non profit by sponsoring a child or with a one time donation, I'd be thrilled!
You can reach their website HERE.

Have a great week friends.



  1. Those mothers waiting for the after school program to end would be a great opportunity for job skills training, etc? Sewing classes?


    1. Absolutely! It's a struggling small non profit. In an ideal world it would happen!

  2. I noticed under the treadle, a box with a cat and at least one kitten! Happy family to have a sewing helper!

  3. I love this!! I have been to Chimaltenango, GUA twice on a mission trip. We too, visit a dump. We also build houses a couple of days and food distributions. I love the Guatemalan people!
    I love going to Antigua and visiting the shops. Textile and color overload!! I absolutely love it!
    Sorry this is anonymous. I can’t get it logged in! Jo Ellen

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I was looking forward to seeing Antigua but we had to be flexible since traffic was a zoo on our way to GUA airport. I hope I'll be able to return.

  4. The treadle is a Singer 15. I sew most everything on my Singer 15. Looks like you had a nice trip.


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