Monday, November 20, 2023

Multifarious Monday

Hello friends from Guatemala! 

This is a random newsy post updating you on several things I've talked about. 

My eyes are still healing well after the laser procedure. Aging isn't for sissies!


This is a view from the property we owned in Wyoming. As much as we wanted to make this work, it just wasn't right for numerous reasons. We are a bit sad, but sold it the day we listed it! We take that as a sign it was meant to be. 

Laurie used some donated fabric to make these for me. I have a few with me in Guatemala, but this trip was a bit different than the others I've gone on, so didn't take a lot of them.

 Around 1980 my sister in law was diagnosed with cancer. The next 6 years she fought hard and made this quilt with help from friends. Sadly she passed away in 1986 at the age of 29. My other sister in law has been the "keeper of the quilt" until this past week when she gave it to my nephew and his wife. My nephew was 5 when his momma died so this is precious to him now. I was able to see it when we went to visit and I'm so thrilled that it is where it should be.

I'd love to encourage many of you to enter a quilt for the International Quilt Festival's 50th year.
I have an amazing antique I may enter. It would be fun for many of us to enter.

International Quilt Festival in Houston next year—the show’s 50th anniversary! Dates will be Oct. 31-Nov. 3 (with Preview Night on Oct. 30 and classes/events beginning Oct. 28). We are planning a lot of special things for our Golden Anniversary!

We've got a year to plan! let's do it! We could have a blast!



  1. Very sorry for the loss of your sister so young. The quilt is an amazing keepsake for her son.

  2. Wonderful update, thanks for sharing. Your Wyoming property is beautiful, I can see why it was hard to let it go before your dreams came to be. Meant to be however.

    Guatemala looks so interesting and inspiring. Safe travels, Happy Thanksgiving


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