Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Stars All Around

These little stars are smaller than the first ones I made. Oh my goodness! That one on the left is hilarious! But it is primitive and I think once it is in a quilt it was be as noticeable to me. These are the 3 I managed to get together before leaving for Paducah. Once i have 3 more, I'll be read to start assembling the quilt center!

Nobody wanted the book so I guess I'll throw it away.  See the details HERE.
The book has found a home! 

I'll be at the Paducah show today! email me at if you'll be there too!



  1. Oh, goodness, I would love the book but thought there would be many takers so didn’t even go to the comments! Please don’t throw it away. Have a fabulous time in Paducah:)

  2. Lori, Don't Throw the book away! Would hate for that to happen. I've made a donation. Sounds like a wonderful cause. Let me know if you need any info for shipping or can get it from the site. If you've already pitched it, no problem. Safe travels, Pam


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