Friday, April 12, 2024

Wednesday Catch up!

I went to a Meet the Teacher event in Pleasant Hill, CA this week.

I was thrilled to see my long time friend Nancy! She used to come to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show and we'd sew, laugh and have a grand time together with a group of ladies. We had a lot of fun times together so it was so lovely to give her a big hug!

Teachers sign up to present and we have 3 minutes to give a spiel to guilds and encourage them to hire you. 

A quilt of Guatemala. You know my heart is there!

I only have last year to compare but it was not well attended by teachers or guild board  members this year. 

They limit the teachers to 30 and only 16 were there!

This is Sarah Goer who was next to me. Improv seems to be what the CA quilters want. Her quilts were improv and very well constructed. She was very sweet. 

And, in other news:

 quick overnight backpacking trip...

Before heading to the city. 

Alcatraz Island was so interesting!

Hubby broke out and made it home with me!

Love ya'll! Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Picture of hubby reminded me of the song words: "Take the keys and lock him up, lock him up, lock him up. Take the keys and lock him up, my fair lady."

  2. I don't think I have ever seen a bad picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is so stunning. Glad you were able to get out while in San Fran. Alcatraz is on my bucket list!!

  3. Lovely pics!
    Hi Nancy!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful week. To bad there were so little teachers at the event. But the work they showed was beautiful. It was a quality above quantity event i guess.....
    O San Francisco.... brings back sweet memories to our visit year's ago. Glad your hubby got out of jail in time...:)


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