Saturday, August 29, 2009

All Shaved and Nowhere to Go

For those of you that commented on our 4 legged friend, Porter, he is doing really well! You can read the original post here.

Here he is going for a stroll around the block with us! He has to stay on a leash- no exceptions- but seems to be healing and getting around faster then anticipated. The vet said he'd never seen a dog recover so quickly. He is still staying with them, as Betty (The vet's wife) works with him on his rehab. We go and visit just about every day.


  1. What wonderful, wonderful news...they are amazingly resilient.

  2. You are blessed to have such a generous offer for help with rehab. It is an amazing time commitment. The rehab does pay off in recovery though.
    Its amazing how much coat a dog really has.
    Best wishes on a successful recovery for your sewing buddy!

  3. How lovely that your pal is doing so well. I like happy endings! The rehab help must be such a blessing.

  4. I just went back through a few of your old posts. I clicked on "My New Quilt Blog" and read about your beautiful Q, and then I clicked on "Just for Fun." I'll be laughing myself to sleep tonight. Looks like you got a fun gift.


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