Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday's Folly

Spring is finally in our forecast! Sunny days and blue skies are in the works for the rest of the month! Whoop! Whoop!
I've been sewing a little this week:
 Slowly getting the Fall Festival quilt top assembled. It's a large quilt so it is spread out all over my upstairs.
I'm happy with how it is coming together, but I admit, I've done a fair amount of unsewing!

 I'm getting together a little kit for the next quiltalong. It includes soft faded/worn fabrics, including pink.
 I'm not sure how many flying geese I need for the ABC quilt, but I'm slowly cutting up my bag of homespun scraps for that one and using a few pieces as leaders/enders.

My Instagram feed for the week. It's been a fun, but challenging week. 

37 years ago yesterday, Mount St Helens erupted. I still remember that and the ash falling in our town. What an amazing and destructive catastrophe.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Hurrah for getting to some sewing! I look forward to seeing your top all together :0) I remember ash falling in the town where I lived then too - in Virden, Manitoba, Canada - 2000 km away. I can't imagine how much ash must have fallen in your town!

  2. I got so side-tracked by the mention of another SAL, I had to go back and look at the post again to see what I had forgotten. : )
    Got a kick out of the jack-o-lantern in the Instagram feed that has a needle in his teeth.
    I recall visiting the Northwest a few years after Mount St. Helens blew, and the gift shops were filled with things made using Mount St. Helens ash.

  3. I'm so glad the weather is warming up, finally! Just in time for my trip! My neighbor told me it snowed this week!
    I can't believe that Mt St Helens was 37 yrs ago. I remember it vividly!
    Have a great weekend. How's about meeting on Wednesday?

  4. I did some little sewing this week, tho many things to do for the family and church's work.
    Your quilt is turning beautiful! I hope to assembly mine soon, still working on the house block:((
    Mount Etna, has erupted slowly almost all winter, and depending on the winds, the black sand arrived very far as well in my balconies and terraces.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Lori otro precioso edredón,
    ¡¡Asusta ese monte!!
    buen fin de semna

  6. En el comentario anterior
    le comí una A a la semana

  7. What pretty progress you are making, even though you are friendly with that seam ripper, LOL! I remember when the volcano

  8. It feels good when we get some sewing time. Love the teasing of another SAL.

  9. Is your sewing area upstairs or downstairs? When we had a two story house, my sewing room was at the first landing of the stairs. Now we have a one floor house and I use one bedroom for a sewing room and a corner of my bedroom for all my hand stitching.
    Another sew-along! Interesting.

  10. I love how the quilt is coming out, I do miss appliqué and hopefully I will get more me time after this month.


  11. I remember how a few years ago when the Icelandic volcano blew her ash over the UK and it ground the airlines to a halt. I shall look forward to seeing your quilt assembled.

  12. Happy Spring! looks like you'll have your quilt ready for fall.
    can't believe it's been 37 years

  13. Yay, a new sew along. I'm looking forward to It!

  14. A new project! Intriguing! Your Fall Festival is looking great! Mounts St Helen's pic is stunning.
    I always enjoy your Instagram feed pics.


  15. I love your quilt in progress. I remember when the mountain erupted, so horribly devastating.

  16. I still have a bottle of ash from the volcano that my grandfather sent to me all those years ago. Remember how it was clogging the equipment at the post offices because people would just scoop some into an envelope and try to mail it? Can't believe it's been that long already! Your projects are all coming along nicely!


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