Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Laundry Basket Quilt Book

I made a comment at Quiltmaker's blog and happen to be the winner of this book by Laundry Basket quilts.

The applique in the book is wonderful and Edyta's tips are great, but this Lemoyne star quilt really caught my eye. (I love that jug too) If I didn't dislike set-in seams so bad I might actually make this.

Make sure to read the first post I put on my blog today. Two in one day!


  1. Congrats on your win. Isn't it exciting when you get the news something wonderful is on it's way to you. I too, love the look of LeMoyne Stars. I have made several as blocks for an exchange, and one day I will make one for me. Yeah, yeah.( That someday list is getting awfully long.)

  2. There is a way to make the LeMoyne star block from rectangles & squares only.

  3. Looks like an inspiring book. Lucky you!
    Re: your first post, I love my Hera marker. It doesn't work with all fabrics & projects, but when it does, it's priceless.

  4. I too love this book! I had to put some on my etsy shop to sell because I thought they were fantabulous. I am always intrigued with your quilts and your shopping trips...thanks for sharing, Elaine

  5. beautiful quilt
    oh you can make that without the setting in seams!
    just use hst or check out that book Stars by Magic: New Super-Easy Technique! Diamond-Free(r) Stars from Squares & Rectangles! Perfect Points and No Y-Seams! (Paperback)
    by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

  6. Lucky you! I love that quilt!! I have a Lemoyne star quilt of Jo Morton's that I'm going to attempt one of these days.

  7. WOW, I had to BUY my book but I STILL love it! Got the gorgeous border print just like on the I need to get crackin' on it (after about 20 more projects in front of it! LOL).

  8. looks like an amazing book i would be dying to do the bunny block good for you

  9. Ah! The Primitive Thimble moved to Vancouver...into a brand new space! I haven't been up to visit yet, but it looks terrific.

    (I love your blog!)


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