Monday, August 29, 2011

Cruisin' & Quiltin'

This was part of the quilt group last night at the comedy club. We had a lot of laughs!! 
It has been a wonderful cruise so far.

Here is the quilting room. Today is the first day of class and everyone is having a great time.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I decided in light of Hurricane Irene, I should prep a bit more quilting for the trip. Just in case we are stuck at sea! LOL

AAQI are hoarding quilts for Houston and want to arrive with 1500 quilts for sale. Here are my 2 contributions...for now.

Traditional version

Non traditional version

Original that I am copying from

I was going through some scraps to cut squares for the bow-tie quilt and came across this......
Why did I keep that tiny piece that is not even 1/2" wide? LOL

Have a lovely Wednesday!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here's a little vintage block I quilted  and bound to make a doll size quilt.
This past week I've been trying to gather a few bits of handiwork to take on the cruise. This WAS one of them...oops...finished already...

Something doesn't feel quite right about working with wool on a cruise but that is what I will be doing. I've been prepping the remaining Bible blocks this week.

 Hmm, Jesus and an angel on my floor.
Time to clean up my mess and find the suitcase!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vintage Quilt Tops

I've had these photos downloaded to blogger for awhile and just about forgot about them. Here are two more quilt tops I bought during the Coburg Quilt Show.

This one doesn't look like much...

But it has some awesome fabric in it. I love the wine colored squiggleys the best!!
Here is a terrific string quilt.  It has a huge variety and a wide span of fabric in this one.
Black mourning prints, indigo and shirtings all from about 1900 to a wonderful splashy floral from a bit later.
I love the partial blocks.
There is quite a bit of the bold black and white print throughout this quilt. I wish I could tell what it is supposed to be.

I took this quilt top apart and have these blocks to show for it.  I will probably need to take these apart too and resew them so they have a seam allowance and are all the same size.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scandinavian Festival

I saw an ad for this 4 day event several months ago and made sure I wrote it on my calender. Friday I met my kids in Junction City for the day to check it out.

Where else can you see some beautiful costumes? Some were very authentic.

Here was a grandpa and his granddaughter. They didn't mind one bit that I asked to take their photo. They were in a play later that evening and also danced.
Where else can you see Vikings walking around or just enjoying their lunch in a bit of shade?
We couldn't help but have a little fun ourselves.

I found this wonderful shop in Junction City called Remains of the Day. Will you just look at the wall of remnants! Most were decorator fabric but they came in all weights. Thsi was only part of what they had!
There were also shelves and shelves of trims.

If I am ever in that area again I'll make sure i give myself some extra time in this shop.

Friday, August 12, 2011

AAQI- For Sale...

Thank you Libby for letting me know my quilt was out of the "Waiting for Assignment" page and onto the "For Sale" page.
If anybody is interested in this lovely Bagalicious mini quilt and wants to help out
The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative  you can purchase it now.
The 3 little beads/buttons were not on the little quilt before I sent it in, but this little quilt went on a  field trip and Diane, AAQI, volunteer extraordinaire, added them at a later date. I think they are a very charming addition.

Click here to purchase this quilt now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blind Man's Fancy

Woo-Hoo! I think it took me forever to get the final 2 flying geese borders and the three plain strips....oh well, it is done now and I couldn't be more thrilled!
My quilt top measures 79"x62".

There's nothing perfect about my piecing but I love the array of fabric.

Here is the original quilt I was inspired by. It is in a small booklet called Patterns Of Time: Quilts of Western New York by Lynn T. Hoffman.
For those of you that thought pieces of my blocks were turned  the "wrong" way. The original has no right or wrong, so neither does mine.

This block was a really hard one for me to figure out in Electric Quilt, but one of my readers found the directions on Beth's Quilt Doctor blog. Scroll to the bottom to find Blind Man's Fancy. She has a lot of other freebies too that you may as well look at while you're there. Thanks Beth!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend in the Mountains

Hubby hasn't had a weekend off since June so we threw a few things in the little pickup and left town on Friday for a getaway.

Here's a fun lake way up in the mountains that we like to go to.

The last 30 minutes is a lot of climbing. We leave the junipers behind and get into beautiful tall pine trees.
We caught a few fish but slept little. I'm not used to the hard ground- top that off with a little sunburn and aching muscles from an aerobics class.....well, you get the idea. None of that kept Porter from napping...

I had really good intentions of doing a little hand quilting on a vintage block I thought I'd turn into a little quilt. Can you tell what important thing is missing?

THREAD!?!  Oops.....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Vintage Quilt Finds & Book Winner

Here is one of the quilt tops I bought from Laurie. It is small and may have been a part of a larger top. I love the fabric and it has so much character.

Here's a close up of the terrific fabric. Other then dirty the hand piecing is pretty good and I plan on keeping this one together and hand quilting it.

This is a great print!

See the repair? There is several of them throughout the top and there are a few holes that I will repair in the same manner.

Here's a piece of vintage fabric I purchased.
I never pass up anything Danish. Nebo cigarette anyone?
Is this the best?! A few days after our Tree to Tree adventure I realized I had lost my necklace that I purchased from Pam. So I ordered a new one- I loved it and couldn't imagine NOT having my lovely necklace. I told her what mine had been and told her that I'm sure I'd love whatever she wanted to make me. This is what she did!!
And she added the charms that I had on my old one, but added my initial. If you are looking for a lovely and personal necklace for yourself or someone else please consider purchasing from Pam. 
1stitchoff is where you can find them at Etsy.

More vintage tops to show you later!!

Before I forget, Quilter Kathy wrote:
I would love to win this looks like something right up my creative alley! I want to try those ice cream cones!
You are the winner of "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" Thanks Mary Lou for hosting and everyone that entered. Look for the book at your local quilt store and if you have taken a class from Mary Lou I'd love to see your quilt.

Check out Kathy's blog. She creates lovely quilts and so many of them!! Kathy, please send me your address and I'll get the book in the mail.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coburg Quilt Show

One of my blog readers let me know her and a friend (both named Lori- all spelled differently though) were going to be vending in Coburg at the quilt show. Although it is a fairly long drive it was a beautiful day and I thought I might as well go. I wasn't disappointed.

Here is one section of Laurie's "booth". Later in the week I'll show you what I purchased. I could have bought a lot more;)
The quilts were great! I was drawn to some that had a lot of tiny pieces!!
Awesome in every way.

Look at this charmer!

I'm a sucker for a heartfelt story too!!

Be sure to get in on my "Out of the Box" giveaway! I'll be drawing a name on Friday.