Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Porch Quilt

Here's what I've got so far on my "A Little Porch Time". I hope ya'll are making time to work on the sections. I ended up machine appliqueing the star flowers. I hand appliqued the circles onto the stars, then used wonder under and a small zig zag stitch with matching thread. Might as well do the methods I enjoy and the skinny points called for the machine!!

For the month of November lets finish the top (without border) .

Section B: Applique the year and flying geese section.
Section A: piece the background between the beehive and Auntie Bean's stalk block. Applique watering can, cat, and flowers. The watering can handle will not be appliqued all the way down as we will need to add the right side border first.

We are closing in on a finish!!
I know a few of you have not got your section finished. That's ok. Post what you have!!

Mountain Trails link will be open until next Sunday night, so feel free to add your quilt. I love seeing all the varieties!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Show me your MountainTrail

One more time here is my finished quilt. I'm so excited to see all of yours!!

Since red seems to give this quilt its punch if you add the link to your Mountain Trails you'll be in the running to win these fat quarters.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2012

Amy has done it again! For all of those that cannot go to International Quilt market and Quilt show we have our own online version!! What eye candy too!!
Here is my addition:
My red and white Irish Chain was inspired by the Infinite Variety Quilt show in NYC.  I can't wait for the holidays so I can display it in a prominent place in my home.
Machine quilted by me, as well.

Click this link for the quilts!

Friday, October 26, 2012

American Quilts

Thank you all for your kind words about my Jubilee quilt. I've been out of town this week and have only read messages. I made my way to the Seattle area and the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, WA.
No photos were allowed but I couldn't help myself after seeign this from "on high" view. The museum has a very contemperary feel and it really allowed the quilts to shine!
From the website:
Based on Robert Shaw’s definitive 2009 book “American Quilts: The Democratic Art 1780-2007,” the exhibition offers a stunning array of thirty quilt masterpieces spanning the entire history of American quiltmaking.
I met up with Sharon, Grass Roots Quilting, for show and tell and dinner. Isn't this half square triangle quilt lovely? The quilt was as flat as a crepe, even with set in seams and all those pieces!!
I was lucky enough to see her Cherry Tree quilt. I had left mine at the condo but wished I would have brought it too.
Another beautiful reproduction quilt that she is hand quilting!! It was gorgeous!!
I snapped this on the sidewalk after dinner when we were saying good bye. Thank you Sharon for seeing me after a long day at work!!
The next day I drove to LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum. They had a display of award winning quilts from their big show last month and the exhibit
"Material Men: Innovation and the Art of Quiltmaking"   After seeing a couple of quilts I didn't think I would like the exhibit that much, but I really, really enjoyed it!  I got a brochure about the men who had quilts displayed and can't wait until I have time to look them up online and get more information on them.
The photo of the red bridge was taken in LaConner, WA.
On my way to the museum I stopped by Mukeltio where, with a friend, we used to take the ferry to Whidbey Island and camp. I forgot how damp every single thing is up there. Look at the heavy clouds!!

If you look here I was also able to meet up with another quilter/runner blogger, Juliann!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Next Monday we will link up with our Mountain trails quilts, OK?! That will give you the weekend to finish what you want and take a photo. If you do not have a blog please send me a picture and I'll post it.  And there will be a giveaway for everyone who participates!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jubilation of my Jubilee

Here is my Jubilee top with the four borders attached!
The zig zag looks bold and heavier then the spikes, so I may add a small cheddar border to the spikes to balance it out.
There is no right side up, but I wanted to see the difference with the borders.
I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but there is lots of room for quilting!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Seeing Red" Quit Show

My favorite yearly quilt show is from the Old Aurora Colony held at the historical society. The variety of quilts, old and new are lovely as is the setting and the antiques.
This year the theme was "Seeing Red". Will I ever tire of red and white quilts? Not yet! I am not showing one of my favorites, which I plan on reproducing soon! These are lovely quilts. Enjoy!!

This one cracked me up!!

This one was really striking!
Great fabric and cool quilting motifs too!!

This show is quickly becoming a tradition for hubby and I to attend. (actually I attend, he goes browsing through antique shops) Saw this cool display when we stopped for coffee on our way home. So much fun!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Takes Two

Here is October 15th blocks for Just Takes Two.

Here is the 3rd quarter section! Woo-Hoo! Three more months and I'll be ready to get this top together and move on with something else!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rotary Cutter

I dropped my old rotary cutter the other day and it broke beyond repair. I was so sad! It was the best and only cutter I've had since I started quilting. It wasn't a brand name. (but it should be!)

I did a Google search and found one exactly like it, except mine was green. is located in Seattle and didn't charge me shipping. I ordered the evening it broke and had it a couple days later!! I was thrilled!

I should have elaborated. I like that there is no "on/off" switch. As soon as you put your blade down the black sheath moves from the blade to cut. Also, it takes regular Olfa blades as replacements. 

Anybody else own this brand of rotary cutter?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mountain Trail Finale

Several of you have let me know you are quilting your little quilt or are finished. Woo-Hoo!!
I wanted to tell you about my little boo-boo. I'm sure none of you will make the same mistake, but I'll pass along the info anyway.
You should be able to click and enlarge this photo. When quilting around the outside strip that runs parallel to the binding, don't quilt directly in the middle. I didn't leave room for the binding seam allowance so my quilting is right to the edge.  I'm not quite sure how everything got so cut off, but that's why my blog is called Humble Quilts. That one square has turned into a rectangle! lol
I cut my binding 1 1/4" wide and attached the right side of quilt. I do not do a double binding on the little quilts.
Be sure to add a label with your name and a date! I hope you have had a good time putting this little quilt together.
Next week we'll link up so we can see them all in once place!! Thanks you so much for playing along. It thrills me to no end.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Four Seasons Fiber Show

If you are anywhere near Cambridge Springs, PA may I recommend a stop at Campbell Pottery?
Four Seasons Fiber Show is in the gallery until November 4th. The opening reception is tomorrow, October 13th. I wish I was close enough to go.
This was my entry called Indian Summer. I wrote about it on August 23 and you can read about it here.  I was notified the day the show opened that my quilt sold!! I really did love it and hope it brings joy to the person who purchased it.

I'm running a half marathon this weekend and the forecast is rain.... Always a new challenge.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mountain Trail Part 4

This is where I left off at part 3.  I've seen several blocks put together on blogs! What fun!!

Sew the light side on your 4 patch, then the dark strip with the red square. Press toward your strip.
Keep building, making sure your dark strips are all on the same side.
And your light strips are all on the same side.

Ta-Da! Your block should measure 5".
You can have some fun with a few different layouts. I am partial to this setting, but this is your quilt, so do what you like. My blocks are laid out 4x5. I always sew my quilt together in sections. The above photos shows how I did it on this one.
You decide what you want to do as far as a border.
If you want to do as I did and copy the original, I first measured the center and two sides of my quilt top to get the length size. I cut two strips that were 2 1/2" wide and attached. Your top is now complete!! Woo-hoo!! In a couple of days I'll tell you what I did as far as quilting and finishing. This is where one of my errors comes into play... Gee, the minute I think I know what I'm doing then something happens and I realize I'm always learning!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Here's my latest purchase from AAQI, made by my friend Juliann. This was her first quilt donated and I am thrilled to have it in my home. We have a lot in common, unfortunately, both our mothers have Alzheimer's. 
"The Neighborhood Has Changed"
Juliann's artist statement about the quilt:
My mom is living with Alzheimer's and her memories of home have begun to fade so every time I go to visit her she says, "The neighborhood has really changed.” 

Here is my latest top for AAQI. The liberated strips remind me of my moms confusion, but the orderly rows remind me of how she likes to stay in her comfort zone. It is somewhat orderly and reassuring to her. Although we have had a bit of strippy confusion lately. 
My mom forgot (again) that she does not administer (or have in her apartment) her own medications and it upsets her very much. She really obsessed about it for several days. She went so far as to call the drugstore and ask them to refill all her prescriptions and deliver them to her room. When they delivered them to the dispensary she was really mad. (she calls me and says she is not happy at all!)

She also thinks she has plates missing-(cups and drinking glasses too) what she says doesn't make any sense to us but only to her. It doesn't matter that she hasn't had plates in her room since she has moved in 4 months. It's the liberated strips and tangles in her mind causing these twisted thoughts. She seems to get hyper focused on a particular thing for several days, then it passes and all is well with the world.....until next time!

I think I've gotten better at dealing with her than I have in the past. For me it is realizing it is the disease that is causing this. My therapy is making little quilts for AAQI research.

By the way, the monthly auction is going on right now at AAQI. Bid generously and bid often...or just purchase a quilt or two. There are so many to choose from.