Friday, July 17, 2015

Sisters Finale

I'm sure you can see lots of photos of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, but I wanted to share one more post with you.
 My second favorite quilt of the show.  Crown of Flowers by Joanne Myers. All hand appliqued and quilted. It is amazing!
Is that quilting amazing or what?!
This was another quilt I'd love to have. Made by the owner's grandma in the 1950's it was called Mother Goose, but the embroidery looks more like Brothers Grimm to me!

 I posted this on Instagram and figured out the "rhyme." What a hoot!
For those of you who have asked: 
Ding, dong, bell,

Pussy’s in the well.
Who put her in?
Little Johnny Flynn.
Who pulled her out?
Little Tommy Stout.
What a naughty boy was that,
To try to drown poor pussy cat,
Who ne’er did him any harm,
But killed all the mice in the farmer's barn.

 I thought this was such an effective way to use a toile print. 

 A friend had brought that toile back from Paris for her. It is so gorgeous!

This is an early quilt by Jean Wells, owner of the Stitchin Post, founder of the Sisters Quilt Show.

Here are some fun shots from around town.

Here's my two stars in a time warp blocks.
   Pillar prints

Drab yellow or quercitron. The blocks is not this bright in real life. 
My Instagram feed for this week.

Love to you all! Have a great weekend.


  1. What lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing. Hope you can get a little quiet time today.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing !! The first quilt is a real beauty.... What a work ! Ouch....!
    The one with the Toile is unusual but I love it. I guess the stars are appliquéd on it....
    I love your stars !
    I wish you a good weekend !

  3. Share as many photos from Sisters as you please...I enjoy every single one of them! It's on my bucket list for sure but until I get there, I soak up all the pictures I can from others. I am thinking of you and your mom and hoping the stress gets some relief soon.

  4. Thank you for sharing one more. I'm sure we are not upset by seeing such lovelies. Looks like you had a busy week. L

  5. That first quilt is phenomenal and the grim block is definitely grim! Love the use of the toile. Hope life settles down a peg or two.

  6. LOVE that first quilt (and all the others too!) - that is just amazing! Been thinking of you and your mom.

  7. Que guapos edredones!!!
    buen fin de semana

  8. Thanks for the photo tour. I love that first quilt!

  9. Time spent with quilts always helps my busy mind and stress level settle down a notch or two. Hopefully you'll find some down time here and there as you settle into the weekend, Lori.
    Lovely quilts from Sisters. I'm a toile lover, so that one caught my attention. Too bad I just fold and pet my toiles. Actually putting them into quilts one of these days is on my endless bucket list.

  10. That first quilt was amazing! Thanks for all the photos!

  11. That first quilt is incredible!! The applique is fabulous - all those sharp, crisp points on the sawtooth borders and leading out to the tiny flowers - just gorgeous! The handquilting is wonderful too! So glad you shared this one :0) I'm glad you solved the Mother goose mystery - lol!

  12. That is an incredible quilt. Sorry about your stress. Keeping you in my prayers.
    Are you going to share the rhyme with those of us who are less enlightened? : )

  13. All of your photos from the Sister's show have been great, thank you for sharing. The nursery rhyme quilt is a hoot. I like the early Jean Wells quilt also, modern and traditional to me.

  14. Thanks for sharing about the Quilt Show. I've really enjoyed your posts!

  15. The Mother Goose quilt was designed by my favorite quilt designer, Ruby Short McKim. The designs were published in the '20's, for children to embroider! You can read about the seris in the blog, "Q is for Quilter", starting June 7, 2015. Since the wide sashing looks like "that green" from the 30's, I wonder if the owner's grandmother had this as a UFO! This Christmas I gave my grand daughter a roly poly circus animals quilt designed by McKim. For better graphics, I appliquéed the animals instead of outlining them in embroidery.

  16. The red and green quilt is a beauty. It looks like an antique quilt.

  17. That first quilt is amazing! I love the sawtooth star/toile quilt as well. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thank you for sharing pictures, I've seen others from friends who visited, but these were new! And the ding dong bell... I was thinking at first it was a guillotine... whew! :)

  19. I, too, love that first quilt and how she replicated the fine workmanship of mid-19th century red and green quilts. Thanks for sharing it and the other photos. I haven't seen others from the show.

  20. Thanks for the pictures, all great quilts. I don't know how you pack so much into a week!

  21. thanks for the awesome photos!

  22. Lori,I love the toile quilt. I still have some to use so I like the idea. Also, Joanne Meyers' quilt is fabulous. I think she's probably 90 yrs old, which makes it all the more amazing. Looks like a fun time!

  23. OH, Lori, Never TOO many pictures of your Favorites! I had to scratch my head on that nursery rhyme about the Well. Have a great week-end. I need to find my Yellow and get my Time Warp Stars done.

  24. I love seeing your photos of the show! As many as you care to share.

    I ve never seen the McKim Nursery Rhyme quilt done w applique---the colors make it extra special. [no clue what a lot of the scenes are tho.]


  25. Thank you so much for sharing your photos of the show. I will be there one day to take it all in!

  26. Thank u for sharing such beautiful to follow your blog.. Hugs mary


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