Thursday, October 1, 2015

Another Photo Tour

 Most restaurants in Paris had the tackiest decor!

Driving in Germany was fun! Rene drove, I snapped photos!!

We flew Icelandair and could make a stopover at no additional cost to our airfare. 

 There are few trees in Iceland. 
We tried the local fare. Upper right is fermented shark, which means basically rotten as heck! I popped one square in my mouth like a piece of cheese and about died! Apparently the Vikings washed it down with a liquor called Black Death. We tried that and it seemed like I was drinking turpentine. The Vikings were a hardy lot! lol 

 This cathedral can be seen from all over Reykjevek. It suits the town nicely.

 Our morning run was brisk and beautiful.

And ended perfectly with the best coffee we had since leaving Seattle.

More quilts tomorrow!


  1. I have so enjoyed by arm chair tour of your vacation!! Fabulous sites, quilts and views!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. You took some gorgeous pictures!

  3. Loved these! Fermented shark just sounds nasty!! Lol!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photos! It looks like you had so much fun and I must say you are very brave to try the local cuisine. LOL

  5. Such an amazing trip! Thanks for taking us along

  6. Well I can now say that I have been to Iceland...and have savoured the food! The food was just plain nasty!

  7. Lori, your trip with Rene was definitely a great succes. You've done an awful lot of things and i hope you're motivated to come back. Maybe Nantes, and with Randy in your suitcase?? Would be wonderful!

  8. Such a wonderful trip, great pictures!

  9. Your photos are works of art themselves! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Fun! The Iceland food is hilarious.

  11. You had a whirlwind of a tour!


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