Friday, January 29, 2016

World Piece

I got my little quilt from the World Piece fabric basted and ready to quilt. I plan on quilting this one by machine. If you are a regular reader of my blog you may get a chance to win it when it is completed! Keep your eyes open for further details.
A little over a week ago I had to go into Portland. Of course, this is one of my regular stops.
I saw this cute window display. 
So much of this line I didn't see when I was working with my "India" bundle. They are so darn adorable!

See all of the fabric HERE.

Here's my Instagram feed for the week. You can find me at Loridej

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Sweet little quilt with those baskets. I've seen a couple other quilts of that particular basket pattern, would you mind sharing where you found the pattern or book? Those World Piece fabrics are wonderful, I'd love to find a couple of them locally.

  2. Oh...I love this little quilt. Hugs, Cthy

  3. Looks like a great week. Happy Friday!

  4. I love that little quilt ~ I actually have that pattern (on my someday list:) It looks fabulous.

  5. Interesting concept for a fabric line. That's a lot of prints. How does it feel? Your quilt is cute!

  6. What a sweet quilt. I checked out the fabric, and you are right. Now I want some!!

  7. I'm not on IG but thought I'd give a thumbs up to Boys In The Boat--enjoyed everything about that story and the writing was good! Are you currently reading or did you finish?
    Basket quilt is adorable!

  8. I am so jealous about your huge fabric jealous.

  9. Your small quilts are always super cute. This one is no exception

  10. I love your small baskets quilt. I will have to go look for this fabric line.

  11. What an adorable little quilt. Thanks for sharing the window display. It makes me want to go shopping - oh,ho!

  12. Why don't we have a fabric shop like this in France ...close to my home ? 😁
    You quilt is so cute as usual.
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. I want to do some of those small baskets or maybe a collection of different shapes as a take along project. Yours turned out lovely.

    I've not seen or heard of that fabric line, thanks for the introduction.

    I need a Fabric Depot fix!

  14. The baskets are sew cute! I love going to Fabric Depot. Always something fun to see and new fabrics to fondle. Have fun quilting on your recently spa-treated machine.

  15. Hi,
    My name is Rina, and I'm Italian, I live in Sicily .
    I'm following your blog for about two years, but I never posted a comment on your posts.
    You are such an amazing woman! I love all of your wonderful quilts, and all you have done in your trip to Bolivia. I would like to send a dress, but a that time I was in Houston for the birth of my grandson.
    I'm too a quilter, a beginner quilter, and in the process to learn a little bit each day from you and the thousands quilter in the web. Since to do quilt isn't an Italian custom, I don't have any reference to follow in my family, I can say that I'm the only women in my family who does quilt. I love hand quilting, too.

    I have been a little jealous of Cecile, the blogger from France, because she had the opportunity to met you in person. I hope you will make another trip to Europe, so we can arrange to meet each other.
    I have no blog, and usually I never post comment, I'm ashamed of my English, but I want to say you that I'm one of your faithful follower.
    Keep on quilting!
    Greetings from Sicily,

    1. Rina, You are so sweet! Your comment is dear to me! Thank you for taking the time to leave it. I think your English is very good!!I wish I had your email address so we can stay in contact better. Hopefully you will come back and read this and then send me an email at

  16. The baskets are wonderful and that is a cute line.


  17. Well I for one think a person can never go wrong with baskets in a quilt! Great fabric to be playing with too! It really has a vintage sort of vibe.:)

  18. I can't begin to imagine appliqueing all of those little baskets. So cute.
    I can make out the designs on some of the bolts of fabric, but some of them escape me. Are they all landmarks?

  19. Love those little baskets! Glad to hear you're squeezing in some stitching time too. I need to get to Fabric Depot someday! Have a great weekend, Lori!

  20. When were you here? Let me know next time. I can meet you there. Sale this weekend....alas, wont be issues have tapped us for a bit. I could buy so much fabric there. So many pretty 1800s

  21. The tiny baskets are adorable! I don t have a local quilt shop so I guess I won t ever see these prints, they re very sweet. Not that I need more fabric,lol.

  22. Lori, i love baskets and this has to be one of the cutest basket quilts i've ever seen. What lovely fabrics... i love teal!!

  23. Your basket quilt is sweet as can be. Love the basket shape and the bold colors of the fabric line.
    I enjoyed reading Rina's comment. (I agree--her English is great.) Your influence and inspiration are worldwide, Lori. :)

  24. Adorable basket quilt! I have been looking a while for the pattern for these baskets, so if you can share where you got it from, that would be very much appreciated.

  25. cute baskets lori. Looks like a good fabric line.
    You're giving away the little quilt? yes please! xo


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