Friday, June 10, 2016

Frantic Friday!

I'm not frantic but this post may be! I'm continuing to recap my wonderful weekend.

I told you I went to the quilt exhibit at Quiltworks. Well Saturday they were having a parking lot sale. It wasn't the quilt store, just quilters who needed to get rid of some stuff.  Needless to say I found a few items to come home with me.

I've made one of these, but still couldn't pass this up. Isn't it cute? I can add a few stitches and finish it up and it will make a wonderful gift.

 Painted quilt block boards to put up on your house, barn, or garage.
The weather had been extremely hot and this day was too. I think they would have had more people selling if it wasn't 100 degrees!

 I found some classic Pilgrim and Roy prints.
 And a few other beauties I couldn't pass up.
Isn't the piece of toile pretty?

 Later that day I attended the Vintage flea market at Pomegranate Home and Garden. (first Saturday of the month all summer long)
 And picked up this cute little red chair. It will fit perfect in my home.
As far as any sewing......
 I'm probably the only one that could read my notes on how I want to piece my quilt backs.  I'm not sure I'll be able to figure it out when I get to this one! LOL
 I did get one backing pieced.
 And fabrics chose for one more. This is going to be for my Stars in a Time Warp top.
These sheep made their way into another pieced backing.

My son and gf have finally made a decision about where they are traveling next. (they've been traveling around the western part of the US for a month) and now they are in Boston, heading to Norway, then Denmark.  My son hiked for a month in Norway and lived for a year in Denmark, so it will be fun for him to show his girlfriend around that area. We'll miss them, but we are glad they aren't heading to South America. (not yet anyway!)

And my Instagram feed for the week.

Adventure awaits! make it a great weekend!


  1. It's always fun to search for a treasure

  2. Some of the fabrics you purchased have been in my stash at one time or another. Will be good for the style quilts you like to make. I think the piece with the sheep is one I had with a black background and made a very striking quilt with it.

  3. Gee, I think I have a few matching fabrics in my "collection". Safe travels to the kids!

  4. Your parking lot sale excursion was a winner.

  5. Your parking lot sale excursion was a winner.

  6. Really like the fabric you found!!!!!

  7. You scored with those fabric finds and that block is so cute. Those backing notes are like mine, I don't know how someone can piece a back without a notepad. I draw out every back, even if it's just 2 pieces. Measure twice, cut once, right? How exciting for your son, and with technology, he can always be in touch! Safe travels to them

  8. Frantic fun on a Friday! Good for you!

  9. Sounds like a great sale! Love, love the red chair!! A great find :0)

  10. So much fun! Great fabric finds. Is the Birdie block appliqued or printed? I never thought to plan out and draw/ measure my pieced backs, silly me! And the little red chair is adorable, plus I love the flags in the RWB button jar. Gonna steal that idea.

    I always enjoy your Instagram. Your son is very handsome, bet you re so proud of him / them.


  11. That is a little bit of everything but I think you scored on the fabric! 100 degrees? Is that for real? It hasn't been nearly that hot here in the south.

  12. Lucky you! Great fabric finds :) Love the red chair, too!

  13. You really scored with the fabrics, and that darling chair is wonderful! Looks great with the flags/button jar. Always love your pieced backings. Safe travels to your son and his girlfriend!

  14. Looks like you had a great time, I love old stashes, and the chair is a wonderful piece.


  15. Great fabrics ! Lucky you to have found them !
    I love your block primitive !! ;)

  16. Great finds - every single one. What a great idea - the big painted quilt boards. You'd really have to have the right spot, but it would be such a WOW.

  17. That is a very cute block! You really found some wonderful fabrics at the sale. Safe travels to your son and girlfriend.

  18. You did great on your purchases. Love the toile and sheep especially. Your pieced backing are so much fun. Thank you for sharing. I wish your son and gf safe travels.

  19. Your sone is ONE HANDSOME DUDE!!! If only I were about 45 years younger...*sigh* They're doing exactly what I did when I first graduated from university and their travelling certainly brings back some treasured memories.

    Now with respect to your purchases, they are absolutely to die for! Right up my alley, for sure. I remember when that sheep fabric came out . It was about 7 or 8 years ago when I was a relatively "new" quilter. I only bought a fat quarter of it because I didn't know what to do with it. Silly me. I'd love about 3 yards right now!

    Your backings are very inspirational and I've made a promise to myself that my next quilt backing will be pieced. I absolutely LOVE the look! Thanks for a wonderful post!!!

  20. now thats a fun garage sale! good finds.


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