Friday, September 23, 2016

Front Porch Month 5

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this quilt! Four ladies (including me) are hanging in there. 

Here is my variation of flower vases.

I opted to piece a double sawtooth for the large pieces of floral fabric. My basket handle is really funky!
 Cathy S made a wonderful improvement on the large floral flower. She also opted to make a pieced block in place of the large floral fabric block.
 Good idea to sew them together as you go. I haven't even been trimming mine all down to the correct size.
 Debby D used a fancy piece of French style fabric for the large block. It is so adorable!!
The stripe for the basket is perfect as well!

Add you link! If you are just getting finished with an earlier block and haven't shown it, please add it! Or send me a photo and I'll add it.

Next month:  Block 8 and 8A- the birdhouse, basket and star to the right of it. Again we have a floral block you can choose to do what you want with it. AND we will assemble the bottom section! I'm so excited to start seeing it come together.

I have already in mind a similar quilt for next year!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I don't know how you manage to keep all your projects going! Love your basket handle! That is one of my favorite fabrics too. Although I have to say I adore Debby D's fabrics. Those Provencal fabrics really send me!

  2. Simple flowers for the flower pots.....I like!

  3. Always fascinating to see how the same pattern can look so unique in each quilter's hands.

  4. All the blocks look so great! Some really wonderful fabric choices,love the Provencal prints! And Cathy S's star flowers. Love the subbed pieced blocks too. Each quilter brings her own ideas and style. And I am always a teeny bit jealous, wishing *I* had thought of that. :-)

  5. I am having so much fun! First doing each block and then seeing how others have interpreted the same block! This is a great way for me to learn -- I love the pieced blocks and Cathy S' flowers. Thank you Lori for already thinking about "next year"!!!!

  6. Regretting not jumping on board with you. Looking forward to what you've got in mind for next year! Im in!!!!

  7. So interesting to see everyone's blocks together. I love a double sawtooth star :0)

  8. So cute! I love seeing everyone's interpretation. Everyone is doing such a great job. Love to see them when they are finished

  9. I like the shoo fly block in red and white, great work!!

  10. It is wonderful to see all the different versions and fabric choices, so many wonderful blocks.


  11. Such a fun looking flower. I am a fan of the simple ones.:)

  12. Great Work! I love seeing the different versions.

  13. Love your flowers--esp. the cockscomb variation--very nice!!

  14. Hi Lori -- with the links there are actually seven of us "hanging in there"!! That's great!

  15. All of these are so great. I love Cathy S's star centers on her flowers. Great idea with the double sawtooth. And oh the French fabric! Picking out fabrics for the birdhouse this morning!


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