Friday, February 24, 2017

LaConner Quilt Museum

I made the trip North to get to the museum and support my friend Sharon Tucker by seeing her exhibit. She was the first person who asked me to do a workshop and lecture at her guild, so I was so excited she had this exhibit! It was called Touch of Improv and did not disappoint!
The larger quilt here is on the cover of the latest issue American Patchwork and Quilting. 

 Nice work Sharon!!!

Gwen Marston also had an exhibit. Hers was called Abstracts Quilts  in Solids

Another exhibit was It's not Easy Being Green. Most of the quilts were artsy, but I photographed a few favorites.

They had a Milliner Guild display as well. 
I'm not sure what I would think if I saw someone wearing these in public. (the white one is cute) 

Here's the view from upstairs. It's a cute little town, definitely not on your way to anywhere though. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos. It was a really wonderful time spent with friends.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Lots of inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sharon's quilt look fabulous - so great to see them together!
    what a neat trip Lori

  3. Thanks for the eye candy. Your friend Sharon has my color sense for sure. Wow would I like to meet her. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My favorite of Sharon's exhibit is the pink strippy flower piece. Well deserved that the quilts were in a special exhibit.

  5. Gracias por compartir tus fotos,
    ¡¡tu amiga hizo un gran trabajo!!

  6. Lots of wonderful and interesting quilts in those exhibits! Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Sharon's quilts are very inspirational! Thanks for sharing your fun trip.

  8. Thanks for sharing these great photos. La Connor is a favourite destination especially during tulip time. Some great bed and breakfast places and quirky shops. Too bad you didn't go over th Anacortes while there. But you can't do everything in just a day.

  9. How nice to see my Egg Substitute quilt in the wild! I have yet to see our exhibit and am looking forward to seeing all the exhibits in display! Thanks for the preview.

    1. Wonderful! It was my favorite of the "recycled" quilts.

  10. Lori, what a wonderful collection of quilts from Sharon. How lucky that you were able to get to that museum, which looks adorable. Well worth the detour! And I loved Gwen's quilts, as well. The hats? Well, I could see you in the while one for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for sharing your photos. The quilts were amazing.

  12. Sharon has a gorgeous collection ...Thank you for sharing !

  13. I am glad you were able to go and share the display with us. Sharon's quilts look great!
    To have Gwen's quilts on display was an added incentive.
    Some interesting recycled creations--and hats?!? : )

  14. Thank you so much for sharing the quilt exhibit with us! So many wonderful quilts! As soon as I saw Sharon"s red and cheddar string quilt in AP&Q it went on my to make list.

  15. Loved ALL the pictures, especially the hats!

  16. Great exhibitions - thank you for sharing

  17. Thanks for the quiltshow photos! Looks like quite a bit of Handquilting? There seems to be increasing interest in Handquilting gauging from the number of members on a Facebook Handquilting page and then again in this exhibit!


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