Monday, February 27, 2017

ABC Primitive Sampler

Here's the next part that Karen and I have completed on Cheri's ABC Sampler. (it is $75 and you will need to email her for the pattern) I am using 3 different completed quilt tops to guide me as I get this quilt together and they are all different. Each one will definitely be unique!

 K and L
We finished Q and R so quickly we added it to our show and tell this week. We decided to work on the blocks below since they all square up together. I love both of the bird blocks!!

The rooster got me anxious to get started on my "Year of the Rooster" quilt challenge

My instagram feed for the week!

Have a fantastic Monday, friends!


  1. The polka dot chicken reminds me of a wood door knob hanger a friend gave me. It is a polka dot rooster shaped very much like the one in the design. I used star fabric for the one I made. Your kite block is darker looking than mine and I like it very much.

  2. Love it. As I've said before,you are amazing. Happy Monday.

  3. Love, love, love these blocks. I love anything chicken. Great job. Hugs

  4. OK I'm going to try to fix my No Blogger address thingy!

    1. You could also just add an email address here

  5. Lori preciosos tus bloques !!!
    me encanta el gallo

  6. All of the blocks look great, but I am especially partial to the plaid quail and polka dot rooster.
    Gotta say, the red shoes on your feed are stunning--yours?

  7. This is turning out amazing! Love this pattern and I am anxious to do it. I need to get into my sewing room!

  8. I love what the two of you are doing with this quilt -- your work is so "outside the box" for me that I really need to think about trying.....

  9. Both you and Karen are great at combining fabrics and creating a delightful prim style.

  10. I love yours and Karen's, both so wonderful and nice choices of fabrics.


  11. hhmmm, does that rooster look familiar? ;0
    this is such fun to watch - what a great prim pattern.
    the girls is adorable

  12. Great progress, Lori! I also liked the blue and pink antique in the next post.


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