Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Road Trip- The Details

Here's a little corner of Carriage Country Quilts, which we stopped at on our way to N. Seattle. 

 My brother has a simple little condo on echo lake. Here is the view from the balcony.
 Here's a view from the dock.
I picked Michelle up in Portland after work on Friday- she had Monday off so it made it worth her coming on this quick trip. 
After picking Linda up Saturday morning we went to Laurie's where she took over the driving duties. But before we left her house.......
She shared her finished Camelot quilt designed by Trish Harper and published in 
4 parts in Quiltmania. It was gorgeous!

 Her home is always good for a little photo op!
A darling quilt with great use of the madder border fabric!
Our first stop after Laurie's was Quilters Coop. JoAnn used to own a quilt shop in Temecula, but now she is in Stanwood. She mostly does online, but she graciously opened her doors for us. 

We had the place to ourselves, so we made ourselves comfortable. Linda and Michelle were especially happy to dig through the fat quarters.

Linda was on the hunt for a red to go with her sampler blocks. Of course, we gladly gave our opinion!

Here was a beautiful quilt on display.

JoAnn and her husband live on this beautiful lake and they are building a quilt retreat home! 
I know it is going to be spectacular!

 She was as sweet as can be!
A final photo before hopping in the car and making our way to LaConner Quilt Museum, now called Pacific NW Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum. 

Those photos will be shown on Friday~

We met Merry  and Sharon at the museum then we all went to lunch. 

 It was so much fun and the food was great!
Then we made our way to Two Thimbles Quilt shop in Bellingham. 
I adore these reproductions that Lee was inspired by a vintage quilt that I remade. 
You can see mine HERE. 

And here is the display of the Year of the Rooster challenge! Must get busy on mine. 

 More of Two Thimbles.
 Love her shop! Thanks Lee for making us feel so welcome.
Two Thimbles Selfie!

It was a full and fun day!


  1. What a fun trip it must have been. You still have a lot of get up and go and can have fun doing all the fun trips. Me, my go got up and went.
    The Camelot quilt is oh so wonderful. I think I had one issue of Quiltmania when that design was being published. No longer have it. Your friend did very well.

  2. Whay a hoot! Thanks for all the great photos. GLad you had fun!

  3. What a wonderful trip! You gals are all adorable and it's nice seeing quilters doing what quilters love to do and having such fun!!!

  4. It looks like a really fun road trip. Friends, fabric and food--a perfect combo.
    I am loving the Chinese coins quilt--yours and theirs!

  5. Oh my goodness, Lori...such wonderful quilts and lovely friends. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  6. What a great trip with your friends! I used to go to Quilters Coop in Temecula, and really miss that store, so was happy to see that she opened a new store. Thanks for sharing your travels with us!

  7. What a fun road trip! Thanks for sharing it with us too :0) I love her Camelot quilt - such interesting blocks - beautiful!

  8. Very fun! A private quilt shop visit would be fantastic but oh so tempting too! Your'e gonna love that exhibit!!

  9. What a fun weekend, with good friends, quilt-y inspiration, and pretty peaceful scenery. It looks so fun--and no snow!

  10. what a fun road trip - thanks again for putting me on to the Two Thimbles Challenge. I've sent a few more their way too :)

  11. What a trip!! The Camelot quilt is fabulous!

  12. I guess you had really fun on this road trip! Most of all the right company to chat along your way. Wonderful pics and amazing shops.Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. How fun! Thanks for sharing all the photos!

  14. Thank you sharing your road trip! Looks like fun and so many wonderful quilts! I sure hope you had a little bit of sunny weather.

  15. ah you were so close! Echo Lake is nearby (I'm in Bothell). Come visit Keepsake Cottage next time! :) It looks like a fun time!

  16. Lori,
    So glad this trip came together. Was great to see Linda again, and to meet Michelle.
    You always do such a great blog! I put you down for best blog on a quilt site contest.
    Was great to see you.

  17. Looks like such a fun trip! Lots of lovely quilts and shops.


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