Friday, April 28, 2017

ABC Sampler

I finally got two more applique blocks done this week. 

 V is for Victory garden. 
 W- Wheelbarrow. In Cheri's pattern it was embroidered, but I thought it would be easier to applique it.
Karen is moving right along with her blocks, you can see them HERE

My Instagram feed for the week. 

I helped my daughter move to a new apartment this week. 
I loved the terraced green roof you can see from her apartment. 

I'm bringing our Gwennie quilts to the quilt shop today! I'm so excited to see our exhibit! 
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I like the background fabrics you used for Victory Garden. Easier to see the embroidered words than on mine. I thought about doing applique for the wheel barrow but went ahead and did the embroidery as I had other embroidery to do. Looking good!

  2. Love the Victory Garden! Wow, your daughter's apartment is high up. Love the hexagon quilt in your Instagram feed.

  3. I am loving all the plaids in these blocks. Oh, my Mom has talked a lot about their victory gardens from WWII.

  4. Lori bonitos bloques
    Tu hija es afortunada tiene una bonitas vistas
    buen fin de semana

  5. I too love the plaids you used! I have a small stash of flannel plaids in autumn colors that are now calling to me!

  6. Fabulous blocks - fabulous green roof.

  7. Love seeing your version of the blocks, beautifully done.


  8. Love your ABC blocks! And there's some great pix on your Instagram feed, you & your daughter, doggies in the sunshine. Snow and a marathon. Interesting hexagon quilt upper left, too.

    PS I have a friend who works in a building in lower Manhattan. Its roof too is all green and landscaped, but inaccessible to the people in the building. I asked why, and he said so the much taller buildings look down on something beautiful. I suggested a couple golf greens, but he said,no,lol.

  9. Love these blocks and plaids XXX

  10. I'm really loving your quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Such a gorgeous quilt this is going to be!

  12. cool terrace! cute pattern on those blocks!

  13. The terraced green garden is really awesome! The blocks are cute too.


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