Monday, April 3, 2017

Fall Festival Month 3

Here are my baskets and pineapples for the month. 
I have a lot more flying geese to make, but I didn't say we needed to make them all this month. 

 Here are Denise's. She is having hand surgery so she was being an overachiever! LOL 
 Denise's pineapples.
 Debby D's blocks
 More of Debby D's blocks. 
 Oh yea, Mona was an overachiever too! LOL (love your flooring!)
More of Mona's blocks.

Nice work ladies! I love them all!

Our next assignment will be easy!

Make the house block and more flying geese blocks. We will check back in 2 weeks! (April 17th)


  1. Impressive work from everyone. All these beautiful blocks make me wish I'd accomplished more. I'll catch up [maybe], these are inspiring.

  2. What a fun bunch of block - baskets are my favorite

  3. Those pineapples are so cute! Love them all. :D

  4. great progress everyone! love those sweet little pineapples.

  5. Lori que bonitos bloques
    ¡¡¡las piñas,las cestas !!!

  6. The pineapples make me smile. (They actually make me think of some alien little life form--don't know why.) Looks like Debby D's are reverse applique in the middle. I can't tell on the others. Is that how it was written in the pattern, or was that her personal choice?

  7. Love the different fabrics and how each one looks, with them.


  8. Fantastic, love them all. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I love all of these, especially the pineapples. I spent time prepping all of this month's blocks for machine appliqué, and then my machine went kaput (stitches 16 stitches exactly then quits) so off to the shop it goes and I will be playing catch up later this month!

  10. I have my pineapples finished, still working on the basket and some flying geese done! How many geese we need to have for the whole quilt?

  11. such a fun pattern to play with. love the look lori!


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