Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Fun!

We made it through another week! My daughter and I have a race tomorrow and other than that we plan on staying close to home and avoiding the crowds. 

 Next week I am heading to Ohio for a visit with my long-time friend Kathy.  I'm gathering up this and that to take with me to sew. We considered a team project, but we both have enough to keep us busy without adding another to the mix. We will be attending the Genessee Valley Quilt Show in Rochester NY and may be inspired to team up on a project after we go. If you are planning on going we'd love to meet! I'll be there on June 3rd. Kathy has also offered to take me to Niagara Falls! I saw it briefly in the 6th grade so am looking forward to seeing it again. 
My BBiggs is trimmed and the fabric is coming with me to get binding made. 
 I need 60ish flying geese for the ABC quilt so these are coming with me as well.
 Here's a big flop! I know the ABC quilt is primitive but these just won't make the cut! Any guesses of what they were going to be?
My Instagram feed for the week. The upper right is a receipt 
showing my very first senior discount at the Goodwill! (I guess some places consider 55 a senior!)
Thank you to all who have given their lives in the protection of the United State of America!

Have a terrific weekend!!


  1. and i live only an hour the other side of niagara falls

  2. OK, so if my calculations are correct, Ohio is farther away from you than Missouri, and NY, definitely is......soooooooooo.......we CAN plan a trip for you to come visit the Show-Me state! LOL

  3. I was born and grew up in Rochester, NY til age 15 when we moved to Florida. Of course I wasn't quilting then......maybe if I was I could have convinced my parents not to move!!! Their quilting life sounds wonderful. I lived a few blocks from where their Guild meets. Oh well, about 50 + years too late.......but enjoy the show. It sounds wonderful.

  4. They look like angels that are waiting for their faces to be appliqued on.

    Wish I could make it to the quilt show. Sounds like it would be a fun trip. Hugs

  5. Sounds like you and Kat will have a great time! Tell her hi for me.
    Great to see you this week!!
    Happy Memorial Day and have a good run with René

  6. I'm going to buffalo this aug/sept. Also taking in Niagra falls. Have a good run tomorrow. Oh I'm guessing foundation stars? At least that's how mine have turned out, more than once 😝

  7. I find t interesting how we spend the time and fabric to make something and then no amount of persuasion can make us put it in the quilt it was meant for. (1. Can't waste fabric. 2. It will look fine, no one will ever know. 3. The colors match . . . kinda. 4. No time to make it over. 5. So what if there's only 1/8" seam allowance.) They look like angels to me, poor rejected things.

  8. Rip it and FIX it! Poor cast off boo boos. Have a great trip to NY. I went when I was just out of 6th grade. We didn't go see the Falls. Saw lots of Hitchhikers heading to Woodstock though. Oh, the Summer of 69...

  9. Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to. I would love to see the falls again--saw it when I was 14. I am a few years older than you, so we may have last seen it about the same time. : )
    My guess was they were the letter "T". What do I know?

  10. I heard they do a zipline over Niagra Falls now! I could see you doing that. Ummm...Rochester and Niagra Falls aren t exactly ''on the way'' to Ohio, you girls must be having a long road trip?[or of course, flying, I suppose....].Love doggy--Elsa?---on the quilt, now I know It's not just Mo who does that.

    Looks like letters on your ''flop'', a Y?

    happy summer


  11. I love a good mystery, but, must say those letters are a bit beyond my detective work - LOL! No matter, you will turn them into something great. Enjoy your journeys - may they be safe. On the wings of Liz D's comment, a zip line over the Falls? OMG! I would need to be completely sedated to do that.

  12. I'm guessing letters but not sure which ones! I hope you won't keep us in suspense!
    Enjoy your weekend and your trip with your friend.

  13. I still have one angel to make yet. I make freezer paper templates for that type block. And I have little perpendicular lines drawn over the seam lines so I have a place to match and pin to help get things lined up.
    When I used to have quilting guests stay with me, I would plan a project out of my stash. I always have plenty of stash to play with and extra sewing machines. That way, the guests did not need to bring stuff with them to work on and we all had fun playing.

  14. have fun! Looking forward to a report on the show. I've never heard of it.

  15. I've had to redo more than a few letters--lol!Have a good run today and a great trip--look forward to your quilt show pics!

  16. Hope your race went well. And your upcoming trip sounds like you'll have lots of fun plus some special sewing time.

  17. Have a wonderful trip! It sounds great!

  18. Have fun and a terrific week with your friend ! Enjoy !

  19. Elephants...I see elephants...and love it!


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