Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sights of Ohio- Photo Heavy

We went to Chesterland Historical Foundation open house and living history day while I was in Ohio. Everything was so green and the beautiful white and brick buildings were amazing!

Quilts on display throughout the buildings.

We also hit up a few antique stores while we were in the area. 
Simple, but I love the split purple and pinks.

 Ashtabula Harbor
 This area is where they have special events.
Gotta love a patriotic barn!

 This has been called the smallest covered bridge in the USA. (note the quilt block )
 Another gorgeous covered bridge.
 Lake Erie
 And one of our more unique stops! Who knows what a perambulator is?
It is British for a baby carriage or "pram"! These two twin sisters have this home (neither live here)  filled to the rafters with amazing buggies, dolls, textiles, trains, sleighs and so much more! It was the most unusual and fascinating museum I've ever been to! It is in Jefferson, Ohio and the link is HERE.

These next 2 photos are not in Ohio, but on our way back from Rochester we made a quick jaunt to Niagara Falls! These aren't the best photos, but hey, I never claimed to be good at selfies. LOL

This quilt was at a vendor booth in Rochester so we bought the pattern and are sharing fabric to make a memory quilt and give us a big variety. It was designed by Tara Lynn Baisden and is called Brick Wall of Wabash County. She reproduced it from an antique. I was happy to review a book for her and can say her directions are spot on and thorough. I appreciate that with patterns.

Thanks for coming along to Ohio with me virtually!


  1. What lovely photos of a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see you whip up that Brick Wall quilt!

  2. Oh what fun! The quilts in such a setting just add to their lure.

  3. I like the quilt pattern that you purchased. Looks like a zig zag but easier to create.
    There used to be a museum just inside Pennsylvania from Ashtabula County that was owned by an older man. It was sort of like farm buildings converted house his collections. Many buildings and each building had a themed collection. I remember one with an antique a carriage with the glass windows. The building that stands out most in my mind was one with dolls. Wonder if it is still there. The man would long ago have passed away because I was probably junior high school age the last that I was there.

  4. I enjoyed this post as well the past two, I felt like I was having a tour along with you, Lori!
    The picture with the old covered bridge makes me think about a movie, in Italy was named The bridges of Madison County, with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. Is it that one? I loved that movie for these beautiful bridges.
    Thank for the beautiful pictures!

  5. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos (including the selfies ­čśŐ)
    I've heard of that museum, but not visited- now I'll have to!!

  6. I live in Ashtabula, would love to know more about this if you can remember anything about location, or town.

  7. Love seeing you visit through the pics you took! You have a great sense of what to share. Fun week. Come back soon!

  8. Visits to historic places like this are my favorite kind of trip.
    Love that purple/pink and yellow quilt.
    The short bridge is a hoot! Was it worth covering it?
    Would love to visit the Perambulator Museum (yes, I know what a perambulator is--from "The Importance of Being Earnest").
    Glad you got to the Falls. I think your selfies are better than mine!! : )
    When we were in Rochester a few years ago I tried to talk Hubby into driving to the Falls. I hadn't been since my teen years and he had never seen it. But we'd had a long day and an early flight out. He didn't want to be in a car anymore that day. I wish we had gone.

  9. Thanks for taking us along :0) I love those 2 basket quilts. The covered bridge is cool as well. Looks like you had a good day to see the falls.

  10. I DID know what a perambulator was! Guess I read a lot....Those quilts are so lovely.
    Niagara Falls is so amazing. I have been many times but it never gets old. Glad you had an opportunity to visit our lovely state. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Que bonito viajes. Los quilts son preciosos. Me encanta ver los quilts colgados de los edificios emblemáticos. Gracias por las fotos. Un beso

  12. What a lovely place. Your selfies are great. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see the quilt you make in remembrance of the trip.

  13. Looks like you had a fabulous trip!! I had no idea that Ashtabula was so beautiful!
    Can't wait to see your quilt that you and Kat are making!

  14. Lovely place. I love your photos!

  15. Loved the quilts and perambulators. (I did know what they were. All those British novels.) The colors of the quilts are delightful but I also noticed how simply they were quilted. A good reminder to us.

  16. Thanks for the lovely tour! What fun and beautiful quilts!

  17. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip! Wish I knew you were in Chesterland for a visit as thats where I live! I would have loved to meet you. Pictures Of Chesterland Historical Foundation open house were fun to see. Ashtabula Harbor has a great farmers market on Sundays! Love Ohio!

  18. Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful holidays !

  19. What a fun trip! So many cool Americana scenes and history, fabulous!

  20. Great pictures! I love seeing historic buildings and quilts! What a great trip.

  21. It's great when we have the opportunity to travel and explore new places. You did a good job with your selfie with a beautiful background.

  22. wow that log cabin is a winner - loved all the photos.
    fun plan to make sister quilts to remember your visit.

  23. America's heartland is filled with serenity and beauty, plus great treasures. Love the quilts. What a fun trip you had!
    PS I love the blue project quilt.


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