Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I've got the Summertime Blues!

I was drawn to several indigo/blue quilts at the Sisters show. Here are a few of them. 

 This was in the teacher tent made by Rosalie Dace.
 This quilt was part of a group challenge. Choose page 38 of any magazine and make a quilt using that page as your inspiration.  I'm having issues with my new phone sending my photos every which way! It is annoying!
 Here is the magazine page.

 This was a soft lovely quilt made with a variety of chambreys on linen with a sprinkling of red polka dots.

 Looks like a good two color scrap buster.
 This charmer was in the Portland Modern Quilt Guild display. They had some lovely row-by-rows and this was one of my favs.
And this was the quilt center I was working on at Randy's. 

I signed up for 2 classes in Houston- One is indigo dying  and the other is sashiko!
Looks like the blue theme will continue through this year. 

I hope you all are having a great week.  This month brings lots of vacations for our 
employees and more hours of work for me. 

Take care!


  1. great quilt - Jill would have loved it!
    thanks for sharing the other blue quilts. the blue plate special is awesome

  2. Love the blues! And, what a great idea for a challenge. Wonder how they came up with page 38?

  3. I ordered and downloaded the pattern for the quilt you are working on in the blue & white. I have some fabrics in stash that would give me a start on making it. I have always been drawn to blue and white quilts. One of my early quilts was in blue and white and it hung on the wall for many years. My daughter recently took it home with her as she is also a blue and white fan.

  4. Blue/white is my favorite 2 color combo, so I really enjoyed seeing these. Blue Plate Special is very clever.

  5. I did a small indigo dye project in a class. Very enjoyable!

  6. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! I love the triangle-quilt chambray/linen!!
    Lisa Shepard of also has a special Indigo-themed paper in her last issue of "Fabrigasm" #6.
    Best wishes!

  7. wonderful quilts..thanks for sharing...especially love the little touch of red...

  8. Blue and white is one of my favorites--thanks for sharing these!

  9. Love the title. Beautiful quilts.

  10. I love a nice blue/indigo quilt with a touch of red somewhere in the design. I don't know why, but I have always been drawn to those quilts. Thanks for sharing the pictures and inspiration. --Andrea

  11. I love everything in blue, is my fav color! I do like the "row by rows" quilt and the one you are still working on.
    Also, thank you for the previous posts with pictures from Sisters, even though I don't often post comment, I always read your blog!
    Greetings, Rina.

  12. I do love the indigo quilts and these are all beautiful quilts.


  13. That indigo row by row is terrific!

  14. I like your class choices for Houston!! They will be great!! Thanks for posting the pictures. It amazes me how we can be at the same quilt show and see totally different quilts-- or take pictures of different ones!

  15. Thanks for the lovely indigo show! It's one of my fav colors. I made a churn dash in indigos and shirtings years ago and it's still a favorite ! I like your choice of classes in Houston , too!

  16. I've been waiting for pictures fro sisters and yours didn't disappoint! Who doesn't love blue and white!

  17. love those blues and the great quilt

  18. All really nice indigo quilts--I couldn't even pick a fave! Love all the blue fabrics (and quilts) that are around now. Don't work too hard!

  19. I enjoyed looking at the blue quilts, such variety. I love the idea for the challenge. Are you thinking of hosting another round robin like last year? That was a fun challenge too.


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