Monday, July 10, 2017

Quilts and Community

What a wonderful last few days I've had! I'm reminded again that quilts do more then keep people warm and foster creativity.  They bring people and communities together!! I'll have plenty of quilts to show, but first and foremost it is about the relationships and how quilts bring us together.

 Here we are Friday night waiting to get into the high school for dinner and lecture by Joe Cunnigham. 
L-R, Me, Sandy, Carrie and Michelle. 
Joe started us off with a bit of music.
 And moved to his hilarious and entertaining lecture. 
 These quilts are much easier to understand when he is explaining them.
 "Try to think of something so dumb nobody else will think of it. "~ Joe Cunningham
 Saturday morning, bright and early ready to see some great quilts! L-R  Anne, Claire, Randy, me
 We spotted one of Randy's quilts right off the bat. it's a beauty!
 Around town. 

 Sue Spargo was named Inspirational Teacher of the Year. She has done many classes in Sisters. I love to work with wool but not so much the fancy stitches, so I've never taken a class, but she is still very inspirational to me! And very gracious to let me get a photo.

 I ran into my friend, Pam. We met at the Sisters show several years ago. I even bought a used sewing machine from her last year for my daughter. (we managed to get it from CA to OR with Randy's help)
There were 5 of these quilts hanging together that were all the same. Five friends worked on the quilt together throughout the year and committed to exhibiting them at the Sisters show. You could tell how excited they were to have them displayed!  I loved that story!!

Mary C came from Walla Walla with her hubby and we finally got to meet! 
She is a faithful commenter! Nice to meet IRL!

I showed these on my facebook page: My 2 favorites from the show.

This quilt by Sarah Fielke. Two years ago she had another one of my favorites- you can see it HERE

 This quilt was very appealing! read about it in the next photo. 

This was Saturday night and our last night together before heading home on Sunday.  Cheers!

More quilts on Wednesday!


  1. thanks for sharing those great quilts!

  2. The Lincoln quilt is very interesting. I could see it was pieced but had no idea it was in block form. I read on the label that it is six inch blocks. Interesting as to how the quilt was created.

  3. It is all about love, when it is a boiled down, huh, Lori? Hugs! Love to all!!

  4. All so pretty..been one time years ago. LOVE the quilts made by five friends and wish I knew the pattern name. Now I'm gonna have to go hunting!

  5. Yes, it was a short visit. Glad I finally found the City Park. I see from your pictures that I missed a few good quilts. I'll be attending a Joe Cunningham event in September.

  6. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing...

  7. what a wonderful show...always love seeing hoe it's grown...I find people who create are easy to be around...thanks for sharing your joy

  8. Lori gracias por compartir !!
    Es tan emocionante encontrar amigas y ver sus trabajos.
    Esperando el miércoles

  9. Thanks for sharing -- you hit it right -- quilting is about relationships and sharing. I've been to the show 2x (2007, 2012) with my mother and sister. We easily filled a week with sunshine, comfort, good conversation and pure fun. And I will never forget my first site of quilts hanging from corner to corner along the streets of Sisters!! Oh my! If you find out the pattern for the 5 quilts, please let us know!

  10. awesome!!!!!! I was once told, "if you quilt, you will have friends, no matter where you go in life" This post proves it. Cant wait to see more of the quilts.

  11. Thanks for taking us along, Lori. It looks like a great time. I enjoyed seeing Randy with her quilt on display. Loved the sights around town, and seeing the friends you encountered. Mary was the first blogger I met IRL when she traveled to Utah once.
    That Lincoln quilt is incredible. Even after reading how she made it, I can't see how she made it. : )

  12. Thanks for the great pictures! Was thinking of all that good fun happening in your corner of the world this past weekend!

  13. From your photos it doesn't look like the crowds were TOO bad this year! My bucket list includes a visit to this show!

  14. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love seeing all of these pictures from the show popping up in my blog feed. Glad you had such a nice weekend of friends and quilts. --Andrea

  15. Great time was had by all. We all benefited from each other's company!~
    quilting has changed my life in so many ways! Thank you for being part of that!!

  16. Thanks for reminding us that quilting is more than just quilts. It's the friendships that are stitched together.

  17. What a great post! I love that Sarah Fielke quilt too - how fun to see it in person.

  18. What a quilt show! Thanks for taking us along. That Abe Lincoln quilt is awesome; quite a likeness to pictures we've all seen. ---"Love"

  19. The Sisters Quilt Show is a bucket list thing for me. It looks like you had so much fun and laughter. Quilts are even better in the company of quilting friends! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  20. Thanks for ther great pictures from the Sisters show! A visit to the show is on my bucket list. I love seeing Randy's quilt. I follow her blog which is always such fun! A Sue Spargo quilt is on my bucket list too! Lol! The list grows all the time!

  21. What fun to see all of your friends at Sisters. One of the things on my bucket list is being able to have a quilt in the show and perhaps even sell it there. I saw the Lincoln quilt at QuiltCon in Feb. this year. I really liked the quilt.

  22. I'm glad you spent an unforgettable weekend with your friends ! Wonderful photos !

  23. Love the black truck. Thanks for sharing your time with quilting friends.

  24. thank you so much for sharing the Sisters Quilt Show! I have not been there in years, and took many rolls of 36 photo film to try to get them all! Ran out! you can tell this was some time ago! They made great slides! LOL!

  25. I'm so behind on reading my blogs, it was great meeting up with you, Carrie and Michelle for the dinner and lecture on Friday night.

    I also loved that portrait of Abe Lincoln. I completely missed Sue's display. I need to catch up on all your posts. I had computer issues when I got home and had to get my hard drive rebuilt so just now getting my trip posts up.


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