Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Post Christmas Post

 I've got a lot of other sewing I'd like to be doing/finishing up, but I do like to make a sample block before cutting out a whole quilt. This is the pattern and plaids I won from Barbara Brackman. I opted to make the blocks 8" like Juliann. I see a couple of others on Instagram have jumped in as well. It's a fun easy quilt for the new year.
I'm hoping to make mine bright like this. If you want a digital download you can find it HERE

My brother who lives in Shanghai, text on Thursday, said he was in Seattle,  and asked if he could come for Christmas. It was great to see him! We watched a few classic movies and relaxed. Our kids weren't able to come home this year- I missed them!

 I almost forgot my traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Danish aebleskivers! My brother had never had them, so I whipped them up, having everything I needed!
 The first batch is always a little rough as the pan is getting evenly hot. 
 They were delicious, as usual.
My husband want to mix it up so we got a prime rib and put it on his dads rotisserie.(that we inherited and haven't used in 3 years!) Oh my! It turned out perfect!

I hope today finds you at peace and ready for a wonderful new year.


  1. How nice to see your brother. Our celebration was short but sweet - the snow and ice made driving around here pretty treacherous. I am loving the 8” blocks and taking full advantage of my break from work to get some sewing done.

  2. we usually do rib roast for new year's but alas, not on my new cardiac diet...looks delish tho....(droooling)

  3. What a wonderful surprise house guest. Your breakfast Danish looks delicious but the prime rib looks fantastic. Yum yum. Hope you are having a great day. Do you have Snow?

  4. Nice to have far away family visit during the Season. Good to share a Traditional Breakfast food too. I've not made those, they look yummy!

  5. Your roast looks yummy! And the aebleskivers look good too. I had to look them up, I expected them to have apples in the recipe, or applesauce, but No!

    Cool Stars and Patches quilt!


  6. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! And what a nice surprise to see your brother.

  7. I was given a pan and recipe a long time ago to make those Danish thingamajigs you made. Never made them and no longer have the pan. They do look good.

  8. That is great that your brother was able to spend Christmas with you!
    Sounds like a low-key, relaxing way to celebrate.
    My sister used to make aebleskivers, and she gave me a pan, but I have never tried to make them on my own. Hers were yummy. Our husbands are of Danish descent (they are distant cousins). Now I would have to find a gluten free version.
    How long did it take to cook the meat that way? Looks good!

  9. It was so exciting to see that you make aebleskivers! I make them too. My Mom made them for us and she gave me her pan when I was a young mom, many, many, years ago. When my kids went out on their own, I bought them each an aebleskiver pan; only an iron pan would do! Are you Danish? I have Danish ancestors on both sides of my family and its about 1/3 of my blood.

    Annnd: I grew up with a Farberware and got one for my wedding gift. It's indispensible!

  10. That prime rib has my stomach growling. We have moved into a new Christmas sons are married so we have to split the holiday with their other families. My daughter still spends it with us so I get an excuse to spoil her and then we head to my oldest's for the family get together. I like it and I suspect there will be little ones in the next few years which will mean a change in routine again. It keeps things fresh!

  11. Your sample block is so nice, beautiful fabrics!
    And your Christmas breakfast looks delicious! I’m sure your brother enjoyed it and the time you shared.

  12. yum - the beef and skivers look delicious!
    What a nice surprise to see your Brother
    have fun with your winning book.

  13. Lori, I have wanted to make rotisserie chicken for a very long time. Seeing your inheritance led me to Amazon. Thank you~ Happy Holidays


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