Friday, February 9, 2018

Fickle Friday

I haven't been  able to focus on one thing this week. 
 I started to get busy cutting out the rest of my plaid sawtooth stars and realized this was NOT RIGHT! After 2 weeks I have finally got them all cut and ready to sew and my sewing room tornado is partially picked up. 

This is what I was shooting for. These are stars in my stars in a time warp quilt, but thought I'd show a sawtooth star in case you weren't sure what I was making in the top photo.

 Sunny, Gone to the Beach blog, shares a little of her neighborhood and I always enjoy it. Since I haven't been sewing much I thought I'd switch it up. Here is our morning routine.  Porter and Elsa are creatures of habit and their day isn't complete without their morning walk.
 And we have had some days in the 60's and these guys have been soaking it up. Most of the time they take turns on the bed, this time when I looked out they were sharing.
 I've had this chair forever and the last few times I had company I had to hide it upstairs because it was getting so ratty. Saturday evening before the superbowl, I was going to hide it upstairs, but instead, took the fabric I purchased to recover it and got er done! It took me all of 30 minutes. Sometimes I even impress myself! LOL
 Some serious signs of spring!!!
 I've also been pumping iron! In a lightweight kind of way! I'm hauling 3 bags to Colombia, my own personal one will be a carry on. I love being strong enough to heft it in the overhead bin with ease. Because I will be a co-team leader we will be responsible for sound equipment and giveaways (toys, dresses,Bibles, etc) and want to be strong to lift them into and out of the van.
 I don't like going to the gym, but know as I age it is good for my bones. This day I ran into my nephew! We were both workin' it pretty good that day!
And my instagram feed. My pregnant niece came over for the Superbowl party and delivered her baby yesterday! We are so excited for them.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


  1. Lori, I had to smile when I saw your completed red stars. I have the red fabric of the second one in my stash! I even remember the great time when it was purchased with new friends. Love your early signs of spring with 60's and tulips breaking through. Here in Michigan it will be a few weeks before we see that, new snow last night and this morning. Have a great weekend.

  2. Congratulations to your niece. So nice of her to wait until after the big game - wink! You certainly got a lot done for someone who "couldn't focus" this week! Enjoy the day.

  3. Once again, you have beaten me to the first signs of Spring. Remember when we first met, you pictured your first crocuses, and I was still under 6" of partly cloudy? So long ago, friend and yet seems no time has passed! Love it:)

  4. I wish it were 60 here, still cold and raining on the weekends, no fun.
    I would be happy with 40, at this point, lol. Beautiful blocks, always loved that design.


  5. I'm sure most of us can relate to your cutting Opps :0) I love the 2 red stars. Congratulations to your niece! What an exciting time for her.

  6. Isn't it funny how something we know how to do with our eyes closed can suddenly present a challenge?
    Wow, don't know that I could have covered the chair in 30 hours, let alone 30 minutes.
    I am afraid things will start budding and popping out of the ground around here, it has been so springlike. But I am not naive enough to believe we are done with winter yet. At least I hope we aren't--we really need the water!!
    An unplanned workout buddy, how fun!

  7. I loved seeing your walk and the doggies. And great job on that chair, tho I d love to have seen a ''before'' pic. I'm making a lot of Stars for my Midnight Clear quilt [aka Silent Night]. I make piles of fast no -waste flying geese for the stars pints, which works excpet Ihave to keep everthing sorted by pattern. At least it;s fast.

    lizzy [sunny]

  8. I have some of that fabric with children on it that you used for background fabric. I fussy cut it for a couple blocks recently.

  9. Oh how adorable that the doggies are such creatures of habit. I bet they love their walks!!
    Pumping iron?? EGAD... you're probably totally BUFFED by now!
    Hope to see you next week!

  10. Your chair project..... a five minute job that took 10 years to do.... as my daughter says.... in your case a 30 minute project that took umpteen trips upstairs...

  11. I, too, have Stars In A Time Warp to finish making enough. I think I have around 60, but for a king bed, using alternate blocks, that still isn't enough. It's been on a back burner for a while. Time to get back to it!


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