Friday, August 3, 2018

Sweet Land of Liberty Month 8

So many times I wish Cheri could see our unique Liberty quilts! You guys are really up to the challenge. Ready for month 8? Let's go!
This month there is more piecing and less applique.

 I have my letters ready to add somewhere. My red on the liberty angel was too dark and you really couldn't see the word freedom, so I'll add that somewhere down the line. So you know what the approx size should be they are supposed to fit on the angel's dress shown below. The dress is 7 1/2" finished.
 The approx size.... LOL- yes, that is on the pattern! background 5 1/2" x11"
 Cut the background 5 1/2" x 7". I opted to not add the banner over the top. I noticed Denise didn't add it either.
 The blue star field is cut 5 1/2" the stripes are cut 1"x 10 1/2
 I used various width strips . The unfinished block measures 7 1/2"
I added the little bell here, but don't have it appliqued yet. 

 These stars were a bit tricky. Denise said she had a hard time with them too. Unfinished they measure 71/2"x 6 1/2"! 2 are placed vertical, one had a strip added to it and placed horizontal. 
I did the blocks like this, then trimmed to size.

 This is how the layout is. I have nothing sewn yet, except the 3 stars. 
 Here are Denise's cute blocks. 

My Instagram feed for the week. 
If you care to see my Canadian adventure my last 2 posts on my Get to Goal blog are full of photos! I had a blast! Click on the photo on the right side bar.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is a kind of winki wonky quilt!!! I like your progress and denise’s Too.
    I’m waiting for next year QAL, hoping to join !

  2. And yet another month of fun and stitching. Upward and Onward! Thanks for keeping us going.

  3. I love both of your versions of this months blocks. I can't wait to get this entire project finished. I only have 4 enormous projects going on right now. I'm out of space on my design wall! ha

  4. She really was a tremendously talented lady! Love seeing these quilts come together.:)

  5. Thanks for keeping us on track, I have enjoyed every minute of this sew along ladies and have surprised myself by making a quilt without an exact pattern to's a first for me :0) Such fun and freedom in this process! Happy Sewing.

  6. The wonky stars are my favorite! They look fun to make as well.

    THank you so much for hosting this wonderful challenge! The pacing has been perfect for me even though I am always the very last to post.

  7. Both great interpretations of the design.
    I like your addition of the bell, and the fact that you didn't use your "Freedom" letters where they were designed, due to low contrast. You just take it in stride and plan to find a place for them elsewhere.
    Denise's happy Liberty face is fun.

  8. Adorable blocks! But I would rotate the flag and the nagel, too cute to be sideways like that.

  9. As always, these are darling. I really like the versions of lady liberty. She's cute in any variation. Thanks for sharing.


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