Monday, October 1, 2018

Sweet Land of Liberty- Linky and Instruction Finale

This was our September assignment:

And then sew them together with the previous months, like this....

 And this...
And then this!! It isn't quite finished as there is one more row at the bottom!

If you were following along these should have already been made in a previous month. If you don't, then now would be the time to make them. They finish 5x7".

Your October assignment, which is also the finale:

Is to make 3 houses (5x7 finished) and 3 more stars. Alert: one star will be 4x6 like we made for the top row, the 2 others will be 5x7. This will make your row the correct size!
See the smaller star to the left of the house? I added a bottom strip so it was the same height as the other stars. 
Both the houses and the other 2 stars you  need to make will finish at 5x7. You can easily draw a house pattern. You guys have been awesome making the quilt your own, so I think Cheri would approve of me showing you this page of the pattern. 
Here is my finished quilt top!

Denise opted to finish hers with more economy patches and flying geese. Thank you Denise for sewing along with us and showing us some different ways to make the blocks.

I had to add a couple of flying geese to the left border of the last row. 

 It didn't work out mathematically so, I did what Cheri would do.....
Cut it off!! Looks dandy to me!!

Whoop! Whoop! You ladies have been awesome and Cheri would be thrilled to see how you are making it your own. 
Please add a link to a blog or instagram post on your progress.

If you are one of the fast ones who have finished their quilt already I'll be doing one more linky party next month. You are welcome to share it twice if you'd like. 


  1. This has been fun. I enjoyed the challenge of making my own patterns and some revisions. Thank you Lori and Denise. I hope to get the outer border done this month if life doesn't get in the way. Blessings,

  2. Thank you Lori for hosting this quilt a long. I'm glad I jumped in. Thank you Denise for sharing your quilt with us as well. I can't wait to finish this up and quilt it. I still need to give it the once over to finish all the embroidery details. This was a such a wonderful challenge.

  3. I loved to see all your progress of the liberty quilt. As i am dutch the theme and symbols are not familiar to me but i like all your warm colors and your skills to make this without an exact pattern. Must be e great challenge.
    I am looking forward to the sew a long, i am more a handquilter but i will try on my FW. I guess i end up doing a mix of machine en handquilting. We will see. :)

  4. Such a fun patriotic quilt. I've enjoyed seeing the different versions.

  5. so fun to see all the different versions!

  6. What fabulous quilts. I know the makers were thrilled with your "team leadership" on this pattern and it's been great to follow along from the sidelines. Well done!

  7. Oh is this wonderful Lori. Nice quilt design.


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