Friday, December 21, 2018

String Quilts 2019 Part 2

Happy Friday! If you missed my first post about  stringalong 2019 check it out HERE.

Once you have found a pattern you'd like to make, (when I say pattern that doesn't mean you have to purchase one! When I took a string quilt class with Gwen Marston we made our own pattern if we wanted a specific block- you can do it!) you'll need to figure out what size you'd like your quilt to be.
I have already started blocks several months ago that I stalled out on. You can see what I'm doing HERE. I want my quilt to be about 60x72 and my blocks will finish at 4". So my setting is 15 blocks across, 18 blocks down. I need a total of 270 blocks! If I want to get my top done in October, I'll have 10 months to work on it. Divide 270 blocks by 10 months, I'll need to make 27 blocks a month to meet my goal. It is simple math, but hopefully I am helping and not confusing you.

Someone gave me a few blocks that this one would be great to use them in. My blocks will finish at  6". If I wanted this quilt to be about the same size as the other one, 60x72, I would need 10 blocks x 12 blocks for a total of 120 blocks. Using that same 10 months I only need to make 12 of these each month. 

Let me know if I can help you figure it out. If you have Electric Quilt- use it!

Next thing you need is strings!
I throw scraps in a drawer.

 Then sometimes I put them in bags with alike colors. Then "sometimes" I iron them and cut them into strips, squares, or strings, which I consider too small for squares or evenly cut strips. If you just have scraps, cut them into usable size strings.
 Then the strings get put in a bag. My friend, Linda, gave me a big bag of them so I added with what I had and now I have plenty.

I like to use some type of foundation to stabilize my strings. You can also use muslin or just ugly fabric, or none at all. Make a plan now so you'll be ready to dive in at the first of the year! 

layout and size...
how many blocks total?
How many blocks per month?

I'm excited! There are so many varieties that no 2 quilts will ever be the same!!

I hope I've explained it clearly.

Of course, if you are just testing the waters with a small quilt you likely will get it done in one month. That's great too! We will have a linky party at the end of every month so we can see your progress and stay on track.

Have a super weekend! 


  1. Oh la la.... so exciting !! I'm looking for my fabrics... In what colors will it be ?
    Merry Christmas friend and thank you for this SAL !

  2. I am so looking forward to this!!! And I will also be sharing my 2019 string adventures on Brenda's String Thing Along blog - there are LOTS of great resources there for your readers to use and enjoy.

  3. I'm still in the thought process stage, but I have narrowed it down to 2 different quilts. I plan to start January 1!

  4. Love these........I have PLENTY of strips! Question: How will yours be quilted? Do you use batting since there is already an extra layer of stabilizing fabric........Just curious.

  5. I have tried out a few blocks of strings...I am cutting scraps...using my Go!Baby cutter--that is a huge help...and deciding whether simply scrappy or color themed...I do have a ton of blue fabrics that could be pared down....hugs, Julierose

  6. I love the spiderweb one on your Pinterest board. I hope to try something like that. Paperless if possible...

  7. I would like to sew along and plan on using either muslin or “ugly” fabric for foundation. I will make it to fit a bed for a summer quilt without batting. I did find on the previous one I made that batting plus foundation fabric results in a heavy quilt!

  8. You explained the group stringalong perfectly! I do love the idea, so different from piecing tiny blocks w perfect points. I'd do ugly fabric bases, it's so annoying to rip out paper. I have a question, w small squares like yours on the phone book [oh my such an antique, a phone book! haven't seen one in years], would it be easier , faster, more efficient to make larger squares and cut them into , say, quarters?
    And finally---oh no, I have no scraps and certainly no strings. Have to ponder my String Quilt Pinterest board and decide things.

    Merry Christmas



  9. I really hope to make some string quilts next year, at least one Chinese Coins and hopefully some others. I've been saving used dryer sheets to use as foundations and have tried it on one small block that I quilted, then washed and dried. It seemed to hold up well and adds very little weight to the quilt. Hate the time it takes to rip out all those phone book pages!

  10. I haven't tried this before and am really looking forward to it!

  11. This is tempting to use as motivation to get my String UFO finished, but it isn't at the top of my priority list right now. I may just have to watch the fun. I may make a block or two now and then just to feel a part of things. :)

  12. Thinking, thinking ... string quilts are so freeing and fun.

  13. My scrap box is overflowing so a strip quilt will be a good idea to at least use some of it. I can use the holiday to think about the design..
    Have a lovely Christmas and New year

  14. The wheels are turning :)
    Merry Christmas, Lori!

  15. Lori, I'm very excited about this string quilt-along. I have been staring at my strings, knowing I want to do something with them, but where to start...especially when there are so many other things in my sewing room to work on ha ha! This is the gentle push I need to Just Get Started. Merry Christmas!

  16. Perfect inspiration to get back to my Lemoyne string stars.

  17. Thanks for your help with the math... Six inch blocks = twelve a month = three a week... Months with five weeks allows for a catch up week...

    Now off to gather my materials together and prep for the first of the year. This could also be a Leader/Ender project while working on other projects...

  18. I love color filled quilts and these will certainly be just that. Merry Christmas and Healthy, Happy New Year to you and your family.

  19. Love the idea of a string a long. I have a couple of blocks done already so I am excited to add to the pile. Thanks for getting things started. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  20. I checked out your previous post... January! Wow, beautiful coloration! It will be beautiful!

  21. I wish I could join this. We had a house fire on Dec 5th, and I haven't come across my two totes of scraps that I used for string piecing. :(

  22. I've spent spare minutes for months sorting my strings basket, ironing strips, and organizing strings. I'm ready.

  23. Decision made - I love string quilts so I would love to join in the QAL.


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