Monday, February 4, 2019

Sajou Too

Here was a little start of a block I found in my French General fabric some time ago.

I decided to use that as a center for a little quilt I wanted to make for my daughter as a reminder of our exciting trip to Paris and the countryside for the European Patchwork meeting.

This may have looked better with mitered corners, but hey, its a humble version! I have it layered and basted and will do a bit of machine and hand quilting. 

Hmmm, France in 2015, Italy in 2018, where shall we go next?

I hope you have an awesome week!


  1. It is gorgeous! I like the border the way it is. I'm not a big fan of mitered corners anyway.

  2. A lovely little memory quilt. Sounds like you and your daughter do some fun traveling.

  3. I love it. Its a gorgeous little quilt. Those fabrics are just lovely!

  4. Adorable little thimble medallion or
    “petit médaillon de dé à coudre” (according to google translate). Sadly, I don’t speak French or any other language but it was fun to look up.

  5. What a sweet quilt--the center fussy-cut is the perfect choice. And the border fabric is gorgeous.
    You and your daughter look beautiful together.

  6. Sweet memory treasure for your daughter! Love the little thimble!

  7. Lori Bellas las dos!!
    Es un maravilloso recuerdo para tu hija. ese dedal es fantastico
    Me gusta como esta la frontera

  8. beautiful! love those photos of you and your daughter!

  9. So sweet. Love that border fabric!

  10. Love that border fabric! I don't recall seeing that particular one anytime.

  11. Whoops, forgot to send you a link. I saw the "I Love Paris" quilt pattern yesterday and thought of you.

  12. Great use of the French General fabrics!! Love your little quilt!

  13. I love the little quilt with the thimble in the middle. So sweet! And the photos of you with your daughter are wonderful. Maybe you should go to Australia for the Sydney Quilt show in June, I would love to see you there!

    1. Wouldn't that be fun! We are just now figuring out where and when we should go. Probably 2020. I mentioned Nantes but she's been there, so I'd like to go where neither of us have been before.

  14. This is darling! I wish I d stocked up on that taupe ''objects" fabric, I think I bought the scrolly monograms instead, too bad. [and the repeat of that one is such that it has NO useful letters....]


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