Friday, February 1, 2019

Welcome February

Here's a cute little simple ditty to kick off the month. Designed by Cheri Payne and I copied fellow quilter Kelley in the changes she made. 

I don't know if anybody remembers this cute little fellow. He was dumped and wouldn't let anybody near him to catch him. Well, he claimed a home and although they are the only ones that can pet him, he is warm and fed and looks so healthy. His name is Red and although he is so shy I always smile when I see him, remembering the day I stopped in winter to try and coax him into my car. 

There are so many lovely string quilts on the linky party. I hope you'll take some time to visit some blogs and leave some linky love. 

I hope all of you in the deep freeze are getting relief soon. What crazy weather! Please enjoy your weekend and take some time to sew if you can.


  1. Red is one beautiful dog. Glad you showed him some love and that someone is showering him with love. The string quilts are amazing & I'm loving this SAL!

  2. Happy February to you and I am so thankful that Red has a home!

  3. hooray for Red!
    cute valentine xo

  4. Glad to know the handsome fellow is cared for!
    Sweet little heart quiltlet. :)

  5. Can't believe January is already gone! Love the heart with key on it. I have something similar.

  6. Your little heart quilt is ready for February. Its a very sweet little quilt :0)

  7. What a neat combination: a dog you tried to help when he needed help, and a cute little quilt with the keys to your heart! ---"Love"

  8. That is a wonderful version of the heart block. So happy that he found a good home. My son had a cat that hated everyone and was mean, then he dumped her on me and now I am the only one she likes, she knows who feeds her, lol. Love all the string quilts, something I can do in a future quilt.


  9. Yay, Red! Thanks for the update on that sweet soul!

  10. Thanks for the update on Red. I am so happy he has a happy forever home now.

  11. Glad Red found a home. I guess he decided to choose his next owner on his own. The little heart quilt is cute.


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