Wednesday, June 12, 2019

First Friday Exhibit

Before my guild presentation in Bend on Monday I was able to finally stop by and see the exhibit at Quiltworks!! 

Look close and you'll see some crazy bead work!
Here is the rest of that quilt!
The featured quilter info above. She admits to liking many styles and wants to learn everything!! 

This one really makes me smile!

She really does like a lot of different styles! They don't look like they would be
 made by the same person.
This one was made by Patti Stewart! I love it so much! (story below)

One of my recent quilts will be featured in the July exhibit! I guess you'll all need to wait and see which one it is. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS Despite our gallant effort, baby blue bird didn't make it. 


  1. Oh what fun. I love the fish and the Sydney Harbor quilt. Can't wait to see what quilt you have in the July exhibit.

  2. I love the fish quilt and Sydney quilt. thanks for sharing

  3. The Sydney Harbor quilt would be my favorite. And I thought the same as you about a quilter with so many different styles. Very versatile.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Fun quilts, especially the fish!

  5. Great quilts and lots of variety!

  6. I am really drawn to that one with just a row of blocks. The colors are so soothing.

  7. What an eclectic mix--and all from one person (with one exception). Very diverse!

  8. I love Sydney Harbor, such a great quilt!

  9. I just love these little quilt show shares. Thank you for taking the time to photograph and share them. The Sydney quilt caught my attention as I'm headed there tomorrow!

  10. Lovely quilts, esp that almost solid one with the row of small traditional blocks.


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