Friday, July 19, 2019

Vintage Quilts Friday

Before I went on my trip to Ohio, Linda, Kathy's sister, asked if I would be interested in taking a vintage quilt off her hands. Thank you Linda for thinking of me!
Here is the charming quilt I made room for. 

 Humble hanging diamond quilting on this charming 2 color quilt. The quilting lines up as good as mine! LOL
 Freehand fan quilting on 2 sides. 
 Double quilt lines on the other 2 sides. I LOVE everything about it!!
 The quilts below were brought to my lectures and we had fun seeing a wide variety of quilts and styles!!

 These were about 3/4" finished squares. 

Love the blue and chrome!

 Thsi crazy quilt looked to be made by several people. Lots of different block styles and stitches. I hope "Father" loved it!
Is this chicken as cute as ever??? 
Love the stitches too!!

Most 4th of July I have ran a local race, either by myself or with my kids if they are home. This year I opted to walk the 6 mile race. I came in first in my age category! The only time I ever came in first and they posted me with a different age category so I was not recognized as first place!! Figures! Keepin' me humble... 
But, while on the walk I met a woman and we chatted a bit.
 They were looking to add a team member to the Cascade Lakes walking team- so I said YES! It's about 100 miles for the walking team and will take 12 of us a total of about 30 hours.
I've been on a running team the last 2 years, but I'm always up for a new adventure. I like that it is a 40+ all woman's team. Sounds like they have a good time, but are a little competitive.
 (I think I'll fit in just fine!) 

I've been trying to get my walking speed up and boy it is hard! I think it is harder than running!! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. 


  1. woah I didn't even recognize your blog. what a face lift!

  2. Love that hexi with diamonds quilt. What a beautiful star it forms in the middle! Keep up the walking/running. Keeps you young ... at least that's what I keep telling myself! Lol!!!

  3. Beautiful vintage quilts--we are walkers here, too..not always fast, but moving at least ooof-dah
    Hugs, Julierose

  4. I love the quilts especially the blue and chrome. There is something about those fabrics that speak to me! The crazy quilt and hexi quilts are amazing too.

  5. So nice to see so many different styles quilts. Hard to pick a favourite. Have a nice weekend

  6. Whoo! The blue Princess Feather style the colors.

  7. What a beauty you were gifted.
    I enjoy seeing the vintage quilts that were brought to your lectures. In the Oak Leaf and Reel-type quilt, did it appear that the tan had once been green?

  8. ooh la la...that blue/red princess feather....drooling here..LOL

  9. Vintage quilts are so fun to see. Love the new look of your blog!!! I mean I always did, but it's a neat new look!

  10. Wow! Your new blog looks great! So streamlined and easy to read. Lucky you--what a wonderful Bowtie quilt. Congrats on a 1st place win! I always thought it was harder to walk than run, too. Have fun in the 100-miler :)

  11. Oh, for the love of old 4-patches, old 9-patches, old crazy quilts! And that wonderful big Prince's Feather! What beautiful old quilts!

  12. Wonderful antique quilts! I like that the sharing goes both ways at your lectures. =)


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