Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sisters Quilt Show Part 2

I'm not going to spend too many posts sharing quilts from the show. It's easy enough to search #sistersoutdoorquiltshow and see lots of quilts!
A few standouts from the teacher's Tent. 

 What a fun and happy quilt by Tula Pink!

 I don't recall seeing this panel! It was the backing of a quilt made by Sarah Fielke. 
 Traditional in a modern way! LOL
 Because many teachers teach the same class year after year we see the same quilts. I thought I'd show some close ups of Sue Spargo's wool work.

So charming, if you want to spend 10 years doing fancy stitching! LOL

 This is how they have the teachers quilts set up.

Moving on...

 This was made by Kristen Shields- she's very modern but I find her quilts very unique and charming!
 My favorite of the men's quilts was the darling camp trailers.
The teal color seemed to be very prominent this year.

 Made by Valorie Wells.
Made by Lawry Thorn. 

Friday I'm going to be sharing some vintage quilts!

And, this is what's blooming at my house this week. 

 My lavender self seeds and the deer don't eat it, so I have a lot!

 I showed you this island earlier in the year- blooming is baby's breath (it actually grows wild all over here), yarrow, coreopsis, and salvia (below) Super tall on the far right I believe is astors.
These are about 4' tall. 

These usually get eaten by deer in the bud stage, but I think Porter and Elsa are doing a better job keeping them away this year!!

I hope your week is going great!


  1. thanks for the Show viewing...amazing works--I love the Sue Spargo--hugs, Julierose

  2. I love seeing the show thru your eyes. From all accounts, it was a beautiful show this year. Your veronica is beautiful and lush. In the Willamette Valley, my lavender is just slowing down and just gave it a clipping. Oh the smell!

  3. Thanks for the peek at the quilt show. What fun to go! Thanks also for the flower pictures. Not sure which I liked better!

  4. I enjoyed seeing these - thanks! I bought a piece of that trailing vines panel/cheater cloth when it came out - I had to see it! It makes a great backing.

  5. Oh! That first quilt by Tula Pink is just the best quilt ever! It really speaks to my color loving heart, I love it. Others are beautiful too. And your garden is wonderful, looks like the deers aren't a problem this year?


  6. I love Tuls’s New fabric line and that quilt is just so happy. That vintage camper quilt is wonderful. I loved seeing the actual vintage campers where the teacher’s tent used to be. Sorry I missed seeing you this year. Lovely flowers in your garden!

  7. More great quilts! I enjoy the shots from attendees. SEW much more interesting than the Show website photos!

  8. Thanks for sharing your great pictures from beautiful quilts to beautiful flowers, love the colors so bright and cheerful!

  9. I enjoyed the quilts AND the flowers.

  10. thanks for posting photos. they are so much better in blogs. your flowers look amazing!

  11. Did any of the quilts inspire you for making your own quilt of some kind?

  12. What a fun time you had! So glad you could go so you could share these pictures with us.

  13. I always love seeing what you care to share from the Sister's Quilt Show. Many fun flowers. Spring rains helped my grow also.
    Yea. No deer ate them.

  14. One day I'll make it to Sisters for the show. In the meantime, thank you for sharing your pictures. Your flowers look lovely too and I'm glad the dogs are earning their keep! Lol!


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