Friday, August 23, 2019

Cousin's Walk Bird Sampler

I finally got started on my bird sampler, called Cousin's Walk  reproduced by Leonie Bateman and Deirdre Bond-Abel , Quilted Crow Girls Designs. (which is no longer in business) 

When I was in WA state in march, Merry opened her package (that had been sitting for a few years) and I was smitten!  They have been getting together and working on projects together and I've barely started. These are prepped to machine applique. It's a really cheerful quilt!

Here is the antique in all its glory in 2013.

My friend Michelle and I ....
enjoyed a wonderful summer evening enjoying the amazing and funny Josh Groban! 

My Instagram feed for the week.

Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. I have seen that quilt and I adore it. Your blocks are gorgeous!

  2. Love all bird quilts! very cute pattern.

  3. Wow! It’s another great one!!! Lovely blocks you have prepped!

  4. Michelle's hat is slightly more intriguing than yours! :-)

  5. What a fun project! Your fabric choices are so perfect.

  6. Oh, I love that bird pattern! Fun blocks!

  7. The antique original is so pretty - and so are your blocks. It is so satisfying to have that much prepped for machine applique. Josh Groban - lucky!

  8. What a fun project--love anything with a bird on it!!!

  9. Your bird blocks are sew cute, Lori! I'm curious if you know how the quilt name came to be?

    1. I don't know. If I come across it in the pattern I'll share it here.

  10. so no chance of patterns then? wonderful quilt project

  11. Oh, I remember loving that pattern when the Quilted Crow Girls had a stall at Linda Collins' (Quilts in the Barn) fundraising quilt exhibition some years ago.


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