Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Fun!

I'm going to be all over the place today!

Looks at this darling little kitty print! This is from a little scrap that Donna so generously shared with me, Bonnie and Randy as a thank you for our blogs. How sweet! Thank you again Donna!!

I had someone ask on the Facebook group if I'd be doing a large quilt sewalong in 2020. 
I'm working on 2 large reproduction projects right now but mentioned a primitive quilt from this book. 

Looks like we will be doing this one. 
I made a one block wonder of it many years ago. I do love the hand buttonhole stitch I did on it.

Many of you are struggling with the Almost Amish quiltalong. Because you used different colors than I did it is making it a bit trickier to stay organized. 

 These are the 6 fabrics I used in my quilt and is what I will refer to when we are sewing the various parts. You need to write down what fabric you are using in place of mine. Print the above image and use it to help.

This is what I did to help my friend Michelle. Every time I say tan/brown she needs to use her pink fabric, etc...
Right now this is what you need for 4 patches: (5) maroon and white (18) blue and tan/brown (9) maroon and tan/brown and (36)2 1/2" black squares.
If you need my help please email!

Loved this book and know why it had 100+ holds on it before I got it!!

My garden feels a little like spring.

 Rugosas blooming.
 This alba is about 10' high. I love it!
 My lupine have never bloomed in September!

Fun Instagram from the past week. 
I'll leave you with this precious photo of Miss Elsa. 

Life is Great!!

Have a lovely weekend. 


  1. Lori,
    just checked the price of that book on Amazon (together again)
    Does Jan Patek still have copies?
    Love the quilt want to make it

  2. great book my book group is discussing it soon. I bet it will be a movie.
    Whig rose is one of my favorite quilts.

  3. Loved the “ Crawdad” book. Beautiful.

  4. "Crawdads"---catchy title but I couldn't read the book.
    Darling kitty shirting! And sweet Elsa! She looks so content.

    I made my chart last night and added little sliver sized swatches of fabric Just In Case.

    Your garden is beautiful, esp those lupines [?].

  5. Your flowers are so lovely. We've had frost already so my flowers are pretty much done. Great quilt for a quilt-along - love the border.

  6. Your blooms are beautiful -- I've never seen a red lupine! Gorgeous! I read "Where the Crawdads Sing" too. Love it!!!! I recommended it to my daughter AND my mother -- both also loved it. Seems the book really reaches across generations. I'm getting ready to read "Educated" if my name will ever come up on the library list! Lol! My daughter highly recommended this one to me.

  7. The anniversary quilt is so cool! Love the primitive vibe to it. Can't wait to see a couple different versions of that one.:)

  8. I didn't know lupines grew in Oregon. What a special treat.

  9. The kitty fabric caught my eye right away. Sweet!

    I will have to do some thinking about fabrics for next year's sew-along. My plaids are getting fewer and fewer. I did get a mixed bundle of fat 8th's but I don't think I could use them much for this. So something other than prim plaids.

  10. Love the Lupins. I can't get them to grow here.

  11. Oh that Brannack/Patel quilt is beautiful! And what a fun post. Loved going all over the place with you

  12. Sweet kitty fabric--my Mom would have loved it when she was still quilting. She is all about cats.
    The Anniversary Quilt looks very ambitious. I do like your block with the added feature of the buttonhole stitch.
    I've heard of that book, but have never read it.
    I adore lupines and tried to grow them a time or two without success. Yours are gorgeous!
    Miss Elsa knows how to chill!

  13. Glad you found a spot for the kitty fabric! Too cute not to share right?

    Your lupines are gorgeous.

  14. Crawdads book - here it had almost 350 when I got on the list months ago. I'm down to being 4th, and there are still 300 on the list! I think they should have bought more than 7 copies! LOL I'm glad you enjoyed it, and hope I do, after all the waiting. =)


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