Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday Friendships

Here are some amazing signature blocks that Suzette shared with me. Oh those fabrics!!

The cross stitch was so tiny I have no idea how it was accomplished!!

 Oh these crazy wonderful prints!!
 And speaking of friendships, if you will be in Houston at the quilt show, a  few of us are meeting at 11:30 at the food court on Friday November 1st. . If you are the first one there- save a table! I know Janet O from Canada, Cecile from France, Connie, Kevin and me will be there. (maybe Patty H)  Bring a lunch or purchase a lunch, or just come and say HI!!
 Speaking of lovely fabric. That cheddar with dots is awesome and in great shape!
 I shared this without the borders on the Facebook group. This is a horribly dark photo, but I went with my gut and what felt right. I wanted to get it basted so I could hand quilt it this weekend while on a road trip. Better photos, better lighting later.
If you've been around very long, you know we have had a problem with a neighbor dog... he was back!!  He is out of control. Thankfully I had just put our dogs in their kennel, but I worry about the next time. Elsa is a runt, and Porter is old. Our county sheriff's office is worthless. Maybe bear spray next time since pepper spray doesn't affect him when he is crazy. 

On another note, one of our delivery vehicles was stolen this week!!  It is ridiculous! It even has big CARQUEST logos on the side! 4 days later and it hasn't been seen. 

Well, it has been a good week, regardless. I try and take it in stride. Life is good and I've made some positive changes that cut drama from my life. That is always a good thing!!

I've seen many stellar Almost Amish and I can't wait to see more!! 

Have an amazing weekend, dear friends!!


  1. What you did with the toile fabric works well.
    I didn't know you were going to Houston this time. Volunteering or just to enjoy this time?

  2. The toile square is perfectly framed with your border fabrics. After dithering over my fabrics and pretty much completely changing them, I'm about to start Almost Amish, color me late as usual, lol!

  3. I like what you did with the block. Will be wonderful.

    Poor dog, but yes, use the bear spray.

  4. Hope to see you in Houston at 11:30 or so at the food court. You and I have blue and white quilts in the Sapphire exhibit! So excited. I will be there sharing all the quilty goodness with my grown daughter.

    Love the red toile small one that you are hand quilting.

    Donna K

  5. Ohhhh those blocks and fabrics are gorgeous !!
    I can't wait to meet you and Kevin and other friends at Houston !!
    Your mini with the Toile is beautiful !! Great idea !

  6. Love your fabric and block. Sorry about the dog. I have absolutely on experience or suggestions. But I do want to tell you about a quilt I have started. About 6 years ago we moved from Illinois to Alabama to be near our oldest. Knowing we would miss the people in our church that we had attended for 52 years, I asked people to sign rectangles of fabric using colored inks (I didn't want to embroider them later) and have heat set them. I have 8 or 9 blocks made using 30s and 40s repro fabrics. Then other quilts got in the way, but plan to get back to it when current projects are done. I know I have way more signed rectangles than I need for one quilt, so I am looking for other ideas. I have thought of a rail fence, or I may just make the same block with different style fabrics. Anyway, I am looking forward to these memory quilts. Nancy A:

  7. Sorry about the dog. Know how that goes. Try calling the Humane Society. In our area, that is who usually responds to animal issues. If it gets real bad, you may need an attorney to write a letter to the owner putting them on notice of their dog trespassing on your property. Love those fabrics. Have you seen the new Pam Buda Cheddar and Chocolate? Can't wait until January when it releases!

  8. Wow, I certainly hope you get your delivery vehicle back!! That is insane!!! And the neighbor's dog...I would send the neighbor a certified letter, return receipt requested, telling him that his dog continues to trespass on your property and that if he doesn't keep that from happening in the future, you will make sure it doesn't happen again. Where I live, we have the right to kill any animal that threatens our livestock/pets.

  9. The stitching on those signature blocks is insane! Wow!!
    The border on the toile looks really nice. Good choice.
    I admire your attitude, Lori. Even with the dog issues and stolen vehicle and whatever other drama you have cut from your life, it is nice to see that you appreciate the good around you.

  10. Try wasp spray, it will shoot up to 20 feet away.

  11. great antique blocks. I love that toile' of course.
    what a super bummer that neighbors dog is!!! :(
    what about a blow horn

  12. All those fabrics are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The tiny cross stitched signatures... likely counted over the threads. Have you ever done cross stitch? Where one counts how many threads to go over for the stitch? That is the only way I can imagine! Love what you did with the toile fabric! I just love toile anyway! So sorry about that nasty neighbor dog.

    1. I have done Cross stitch but its a bit too small for my eye sight these days!

  14. Those blocks with the tiny cross-stitch signatures are fabulous! Made my day!! Thanks for sharing! Love your toile piece. Can't wait to see more :)

  15. I plan to be in Houston but don't know if I'll make it to the meetup. Maybe I'll see you wandering around, yeah, right!

  16. What gorgeous fabrics and the embroidery is truly amazing! Oh how I wish I was going to Houston. I AM going next year with a friend so I truly hope you will be going again. I'd love to meet up. So sorry about your neighbor's dog. I feel so fortunate to have great neighbors. There is no excuse for such behavior. Hope it gets better soon.


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