Monday, October 14, 2019

Vintage Quilts Monday

More quilts from Suzette's collection!!
I love the solid green, although I know I'd find it hard to replicate. 

 But the amazing fabrics the quiltmaker used makes it such a special quilt!

Simple design, but oh so fine!

YES! I say yes to pink and blue!!

This was a newer quilt top.  Each block had fussy cutting!! 

Almost every single block had fussy cut pieces!! 
And look at this! She/he finished every seam- just like a serger, but by hand!! Is that crazy, or what?

I was asked to do another relay- this one is just for one day. My first leg is 5.8 miles uphill! So, I've been practicing on a few hills to get my glutes ready! LOL 

No switchbacks on this route! LOL 

But there are a few on the way down. I leave our business, warm up about a mile, then start climbing- up, up, up, pretty views, then down, down, down.... to the road, then I turn around and do it again, then have the flat mile back to the business to recover. All together it is about 3.6 miles. One more long race/walk of about 6.5 miles and one more time of hills and I'll be ready- it's this coming weekend!!

Let's make it an awesome week. 


  1. Loved the eye candy. It looks like you will have a beatiful view while practicing.

  2. oh yes pink and it! such beautiful quilts...

  3. Are these quilts you own? The first one has something I love but that green, not so much. I am in LOVE with the rail fence one. How big are the blocks in that one? Finishing the seams by hand is crazy! Even for me, lol. Is it possible to take a picture of the whole quilt of the last one, please? They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the run. ;^)

  4. Every one of those quilts a gem in its own right, what a glorious collection.

  5. I can only do that hill once! Good job! Love the quilts!

  6. You are such a go-getter! I couldn't run if my life depended on it.:) Good for you! I love these quilts, especially the richness of that first one! The colors are amazing!

  7. Love the green! It looks like Kona Pesto would be a close match. I will have to look in my vintage fabric collection to see if I can replicate the pinks and cheddars. YUM! I am so impressed with your hill work! My knee swells just looking at that climb.

  8. Good for you with your running! Good luck this weekend! I love the quilts and the old vintage fabrics. I was just going to mention all the fussy cutting...but the hand 'serged' seams? Oh my! They didn't have that much to entertain themselves back then so it probably stretched out the enjoyment of working on it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Suzette's collection is mouth-watering! I am so happy you got to take photos and share them with us.
    Running uphill? Not something I have done in a loooong time. :)

  10. More great quilts! I love the pink and blue one :0)

  11. Such super antiques. THanks for sharing. And, you are amazing for trudging up all those hills! I wish I could be there to cheer you on. Good luck with the race.

  12. The quilt with the hand … uh... overcast stitch... perhaps she was a seamstress and did that regularly on the inside of clothing for sale? Or she knew she would be working on this quilt for quite a while and figured the seams might perish with all the handling...?


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