Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday Fun- Meet and Greet Winner and Vintage quilts!

I had a lovely lunch date this week and Suzette was kind enough to show me some of her lovely antique and vintage quilts! 

I thought today I'd share a few log cabin quilts. 

 Love the Lancaster blue log centers!!
And this amazing chrome yellow was the only chrome yellow in this quilt. The maker put it directly in the center.

Loved that purple print!!

 The quilt maker fussy cut the fabric with the scallop print. She cut it the same every time she used it.
The backing was pieced and could almost be a strippy top. 

This next one was crib size and the cutest dainty lace around it.

These pieces were small!!

Here's another one with cheddar in the center of each block.

I've only made one large size log cabin and if I make another I'm putting cheddar in my centers!!

Cheddarback Month 8 is up! Check it out HERE.

The winner of the Meet and Greet Humble Quilts givaway is commenter
 #21 Kathryn
I'm an old time reader and share your love of little vintage-looking quilts. I also love reading about your outdoor adventures.

Send me your address and I'll send the winnings your way! Thank you to all my readers, new and long time. I appreciate you all so much!! 
The grand prize winner of Benita's Meet and Great is Kathryn Parry! Thanks to all who entered!

Have a terrific weekend!!


  1. Love all the quilts! The one with the cheddar center is my favorite,fun quilt show.
    Have a great week-end.

  2. Thanks for sharing those lovely log cabin quilts. One could spend hours studying those fabrics!

  3. Enjoyed your quilt show. Have you heard that quilters would include a single yellow patch to show support of the gold standard? I'm not sure what time in our history that would have been, though.

  4. You can't beat log cabin quilts - well, there are so many great quilts! I have made 2 large ones, one with 2 1/2" unfinished logs and the other had 1" unfinished logs - wow! What a difference, but even though I thought anyone making it with 1" logs was nuts, I couldn't resist making one after I saw one in a quilt shop.

  5. These quilts make me want to make one of my own! I've made log cabin blocks, but never an entire quilt--I think it's about time!

  6. I really like that cheddar center too. I had read on some blog that gold fabric can really make a quilt pop!

  7. Suzette's quilts are wonderful! I'm so glad you're able to share them with us. I love that she fussy cut her scalloped fabric and your observation about the bright yellow right in the center. thanks!

  8. Those are a couple of wonderful log cabin quilts. Thanks to you and Suzette for sharing. :-)

  9. The cheddar is definitely a winner. Love the scallop fussy cutting. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I'm with Barbara. That first log cabin really captured my attention. Some unique color combinations. Wonderful one piece of chrome. And I'll take a bolt of that purple print, please!! :)
    Do love those cheddar centers.

  11. So much eye-candy! I love the one with the cheddar in the middle. Why do we think our quilts have to be complicated?:)

  12. Thank you for showing these quilts. Inspiring and so much to fill the eyes. Great way to start the day. I loved looking at them.

  13. Love all those old fabrics! Log cabins are my all-time-favorite quilts!

  14. Fabulous fabrics in each one of those log cabins. The fussy cutting reinforces the idea there's nothing new under the sun!

  15. I love your Log Cabin blocks Lori, especially that Lancaster blue fabric.

  16. What a drool worthy post! Wonderful eye candy and inspiration, thank you so much for sharing! I want reproductions of all those fabrics!

  17. I love the little crib sized quilt with the lace and the piano key border. How sweet it is!


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