Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mid Week Musings...

Dale made the cheddar cheese and crackers little quilt and here it is ready for quilting! Isn't is adorable? The directions are on my blog HERE.  Thanks for sharing with me Dale!!
I got the most interesting email after posting this toile. See the horseshoe on the chimney? I didn't either, but a keen blog reader did! From Wendy Coffin, who I assume is related to the original owner: 

Thought you’d like to know the house in your toile is The Jethro Coffin House on Nantucket, also known as the Oldest House, built as a wedding present to Jethro Coffin & Mary Gardner in 1686. It’s very recognizable by the inverted horseshoe on the center chimney,  thought to perhaps keep away evil spirits. 

I was completely fascinated by this information!

Another blog ready asked why I called it Cape Cod...

By Waverly. I wish I knew when this was printed.

Here is the home! Look at the chimney!

What a beautiful property!
I wrote back to Wendy and her response:
I don’t know of any other horseshoe chimneys..... it’s also known as Horseshoe House. It’s quite unique & makes the house identifiable. I don’t know if there were other other first period houses that used the upside down horseshoe.  I knew Waverly did some prints with cape motifs like lighthouses, baskets, maps of the island, etc but I had never seen yours with the house depicted before. I kinda chuckled too when looking at your fabric as there is a split rail fence by the road with a rock beside it!  Well that’s one fabric I wish I had in my stash!

Thanks for writing Wendy!!
Here it is again in case you missed it.

My sewing room was a bit dark when I snapped this photo. Finished up 31 modern stars for Barb's swap.

I hope you are having a fantastic week!


  1. Isn’t it amazing when we get these little tidbits from others? Love it!

  2. I know of this house in Nantucket and I didn't notice it on your toile until you mentioned it. Fascinating! I can't believe you have your swap blocks done already! I'd better get busy.

  3. So interesting!
    If you had cut it up, this may have not come to light.

  4. The red toile is beautiful and how interesting to have a bit of background story on the design.

  5. How very interesting. I love toile prints. There are some for sale on Etsy that are oh so expensive. I can dream!

  6. This info is just so fascinating...who knew an upside down horseshoe was a "protective" element....
    i also love that toile and toile in general...your modern stars are lovely--thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

  7. That's so interesting! If I had looked closer and seen the horseshoe on the chimney, I wouldn't have had to ask why it was called Cape Cod [or more appropriately, Nantucket].Did you email waverly to ask about the print?

    The Cheddar and Crackers is darling! Still on my someday list.


  8. The first house we bought had a horse shoe over the front door, inside, upside down like that on the chimney. Then I read somewhere that upside down was unlucky, but should be right side up so the cup can be full to overflowing. The stories I heard were confusing. Love your little quilt.

  9. Love the history about the toile. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I love the little Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt and hope to get it made someday!
    That is such a cool story about the house in your toile fabric.
    Look at you go on the modern stars!

  11. Oh that is so fascinating about the Horseshoe House. Love learning about history. That's a very meaningful quilt you have there.

  12. Oh wow! What are the odds that someone would read your post and see that? You really have a piece of history that you can keep with the little quilt. I am so glad I stopped to read!

    1. I love the toile story. I'm so glad Wendy shared it with you, and you with us!

  13. Amazing story for a piece of fabric...... so happy to tuck this into my brain.

  14. As if that toile wasn't beautiful enough, what a fabulous story it has. Definitely something to add to the label.

  15. Love the story behind the beautiful toile by Waverly. If I get to visit Nantucket again I will definitely look for this building. The cheddar quilt is adorable. I'm always on the lookout for cheddar fabric. Jan in MA

  16. I have red toile curtains in my bedroom and they go well with our wooden walls and I’ve sewed one small hanging to match for the wall. So I am a fan and find these materials so interesting. I love that connection about that marvellous house through your post. And that cheddar quilt is a little beauty!

  17. Yay! your star blocks are great. I love the key print! I'm definitely going to get one of those :)
    Love the information on the toile'. So interesting! I have to check my toiles to see if I have that one.
    I am going to make to nantucket one day!!

  18. My cheddar cheese & crackers is one of my favorite little quilts! Love your stars. I'm doing the repro stars and so far I have the pieces cut and 2 stars finished.

  19. Wow! What a wonderful story about the horseshoe chimney! Love your modern stars with those black and white prints :)

  20. Isn't history fascinating? Love the toile and the little cheddar quilt...both are lovely.


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