Friday, November 22, 2019

Stringin' on a Friday!

 Actually I'm done stringin'!! I eliminated 2 rows from my original size and added a border.  This was copied from an unusual setting that I saw on
The blocks finish at 4". I really could have made them 6" and been perfectly fine. 

Look at this beautiful day we had yesterday! 
 Because I will be trekking in Peru this spring I need to keep moving as much as possible! I'm not super excited for the forecast of snow next week, so I'll keep getting out and exercising as much as possible until then.
Our high was only 43 today, but it was such a lovely day!!

Make it a terrific weekend, friends!! 


  1. Lovely design! I have not tried a string quilt but it looks like fun!

  2. That's a really gorgeous string quilt. Love that beautiful mountain in the background of one of your pictures. We're 40 degrees here in the St. Louis area today but it is sunny so I know what you mean -- wonderful weather. Cool, crisp -- the way Autumn should be every day! Lol!

  3. Beautiful views on your hiking adventures. And beautiful quilt. I love that layout of the strings.

  4. Your string quilt came out great! I have to try doing one soon.
    Take your dogs with you when you walk they would love it.
    Have a great week-end!

  5. What a clear, crisp day (and a beautiful quilt top, too!)

  6. Beautiful and unusual setting for a string quilt but I love it! Congrats! ;^)

  7. Your string quilt takes on a dramatic mysterious effect with the black border added. I love the final look!

  8. Nice string quilt. The view is gorgeous. I need to visit Oregon.

  9. The quilt is lovely indeed and I am very envious of your walk in Peru.

    1. This is a great quilt. It looks complicated, but when you look closer you realize it is very doable. Love it!!

  10. That is a great string quilt! I like the dark border framing all that color.
    Lovely day for getting out. It is grey and gloomy here--a great day for the sewing room.


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