Monday, December 30, 2019

Countdown to 2020

I'm always so sad to say goodbye to another Christmas season. 
Here's a peak into my world the last few days.

Working on a little Buhl quilt. The quarters will have sashing so they don't need to be perfectly symmetrical! (the blog is called Humble Quilts for a reason!LOL) 

And in the non- quilty front:

Danish aebleskiver for Christmas day brunch

They were on a  fancy platter with a dusting of powdered sugar, of course, no photo of the pretty ones.  They were yummy! We had mimosa's, coffee cake and fruit. 

Then we went for a short Christmas Day hike. Is it obvious who's the boss?? 

A friend was called out of town for an emergency and asked if we'd like her tickets to see

Who's Bad -The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience. Yes, it was fun!

The next night we had tickets at the same venue for the Fab Four. 

Loved every note of it!!
My friend Michelle came for the Fab Four so the next mornign we went out for a hike. Thanks goodness it was above the fog!

It was cold but so cool! 
This was a good way to get back into my healthy eating and exercise- gotta be ready to hike in the Andes in Peru!!

Good bye 2019
It's been a great year!


  1. We were in Portland over the holidays and loved the clouds over the mountains! But no hiking at the snow level.

  2. I love your walks and hikes!!! Yes, you can see who is boss in that picture. Your buhl blocks are so, so pretty!!!!

  3. Oh how I miss my friend Annelise. She grew up in Denmark and made the most wonderful aebleskiver. Yours looks delicious! I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  4. Looks like you are sending 2019 out with a bang!

  5. What a fun week you had! Love that quilt you are working on!!

  6. It was a fun 30 hours away. Thank you again. My quads are so sore from my two hikes. Oye. Lol

  7. The hiking pictures are too beautiful! I think I can feel the cold! Happy New Year, Lori. Hope there are plenty of new beautiful hiking adventures for you.

  8. Happy New Year, Lori. Hope it's a good one.

  9. Merry Christmas loved the blog along seeing what everyone decorated; my decorations all packed up; house cleaned and started back on my Buhl quilt too...almost finished with second applique border. Your arcs look great!!

  10. I'm liking what I see of the Buhl quilt.
    We were gifted an aebleskiver pan for Christmas years ago (husband has Danish roots), but I have yet to attempt a gluten free version. I used to make them with my sister at our local heritage center (her hubby has the same Danish roots as mine), but I have been skittish about trying without gluten. I think the plate you have shown us looks good enough to eat! LOL
    Looks like you enjoyed fun concerts and beautiful, though cold, hiking vistas.

  11. What a great way to say goodbye to 2019.

  12. This is only the Sixth Day of Christmas. You have six more to go. I like our Church's tradition of having a Christmas season. We have a party on the 12th day and give out presents. God's blessings in the coming New Year.

  13. Enjoyed reading about your fun year end activities. Lookin forward to seeing your Buhl quilt progress.
    Happy New Year!

  14. Happy New Year Lori! Your week looked more productive than mine. Love the quilt you are working on, very pretty! What an awesome area you live in, your hiking pictures are so fun to see. The White Mountains are about an hour and a half away from us, maybe this will be my resolution for 2020, to get up there and do some hiking! Jan in MA

  15. Happy New Year, Lori! Loving your Buhl quilt progress. Keep on walking! ❤

  16. I love those circle blocks with the spiky edges. It makes me want to make my own and deliberately join them together mismatched.:) Glad you have been having a good holiday. Hope your 2020 is excellent!

  17. A long time ago, a friend gave me a skillet to make those Danish things. Yours look delicious. I never made them but should have. I no longer have the equipment.

  18. Happy, Healthy New Year filled with Blessings!

  19. Yum Skivers!! We didn't get to them this year. Maybe we'll have them for dinner soon.
    What fun shows you went to see!.


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