Wednesday, December 4, 2019

I'm seeing Stars!

I'm making progress on the reproduction swap blocks. They are in various stages. 
On the design wall...

Pieces on the cutting board. 

Pieces downstairs waiting to pinned. 
On another note that red and white little quilt is one Barb made for me. When I see those precious gifts I think of my special friendships. I'm so grateful for you all!

 I think Santa's reindeer are getting their exercise in for Christmas Eve!
And next Monday will kick off 12 days of blog hopping to your favorite bloggers. We will be sharing our holiday favorites! I hope you'll hop-along and get some great ideas for your holidays!

I hope your week is going really great!


  1. That is one of my favorite blocks. Looking forward to the blog hop too!

  2. Your stars are gorgeous! Looking forward to following along on the blog hop.

  3. We had 2 snow days this week, so I finished my 40 repro blocks for the swap! Can't wait to see everyone's stars!

  4. Ooh, love the look of those reindeer and the snow. It looks so very pretty. A vast contrast to the scene outside of my window today, dry paddocks and another hot day, 40 degrees C. Happy Christmas everyone, thank you Lori for your lovely blog. Kind regards Natalie in Western Australia.

    1. I hope you are far away from the fires!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Happy Holidays,

  5. Do not know how facebook knew to send you my way, but as I sit her on vacation in St Thomas temps of 85, I am missing my sewing room. Love the blog and want Kevin's patterns. Love, love scrappy quilts.

  6. Your reindeer! Wow, we have two or three in our field but I've never seen a herd that big! They do look like they are lining up to hitch to a sleigh, too funny. My head is spinning with ideas for little quilts. Still have to decorate the house, I am reluctant to dismantle my Fall decor! I love the fall. But, the foot of snow we got over last weekend is helping me get in the Christmas spirit. The little red star quilt is precious, a lovely gift. Thanks for your blog, Lori. You inspire me to get out and move! Jan in MA

  7. Wonderful stars! I passed on Barb's swap this year. Wow, those could be Santa's reindeer, lol! Looking forward to the Blog Hop!

  8. Love your stars, Lori! Those prints and colors are great! Looking forward to the blog hop!

  9. Lovely stars and a very appropriate pattern for the season! Love the reindeer! LOL!

  10. Your star fabrics are great - can't wait to see them in person. Love the deer shot at dusk. Looks like a postcard.
    I totally forgot about that little quilt. I have one from you that I treasure. I think I go it on the auction years ago.

  11. Sawtooth Star is one of my favorites! I'm thinking of using that block to use up scraps in 2020. Thanks for sharing.


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