Monday, December 2, 2019

Buhl Bushong Border 1

I actually have no clue where the name of this quilt comes from, only that Mary pressured me to indulge! LOL (She didn't really have to pressure too hard) 
I didn't have to look too far for the name of the quilt- terrific history of the quilt HERE.

I am finally done with my first border.

Here is the amazing quilt, which the pattern is being published by Virginia Quilt Museum. You can see for yourself at the link HERE.

I am behind, but have ordered red for the points and will start on the left border soon. 

On another note: 
I'm considering doing a Christmas blog hop.  If you have a blog and would like to participate, I'm gathering ideas and bloggers! Email me!

If you want to be entered to win one of two patterns that Kevin the Quilter has donated, go HERE or HERE or both and leave a comment! 

We got more snow Saturday night! I think it's done for now.

Have a fantastic week!


  1. I absolutely love that quilt you're working on. So wonderful!

  2. Your border is gorgeous! I have had a hard time resisting this one, but I have way too many things going right now. I will have fun watching you and others!

  3. That is one gorgeous quilt! Is that needle turning? Someday I would like to learn that but I need to get other skills under my belt first. I've only made a few simple quilts so far.

  4. Wow - that will be fabulous! I know I am too impatient to make those borders, but they are sure pretty.

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  6. I am going to enjoy your journey with this quilt. I am not sure I will live long enough to tackle something like that!

  7. I can see how you got sucked in--those borders are so charming and happy!

  8. It is a stunning quilt, I have seen different versions by my dutch friend quilters as well. They are all very beautiful.

  9. Oh my goodness, your applique is looking so amazing! Love it. Very inspiring. I adore applique borders and often think they are underappreciated.:)

  10. Love that border with the bird :) Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  11. Your borders are looking beautiful. No surprise there. =)


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