Friday, March 27, 2020

Great Plains Quilt AKA Spencer Museum Quilt

The Spencer Museum Quilt is done!

I'm actually calling it the Great Plains Quilt since the blocks are from old quilts documented in Kansas. 

My friend Kathy in Ohio quilted it. Contact  her at this address if you need any quilting done.

That isn't a good photo but you can see it was pieced as usual.

It was really nice to bring a little spring indoors. 

I love the little feathers she added. 

The old quilts that the blocks were designed from are in this book. You can read my post about it HERE. 

Here's a glimpse at my week. 

A quick dog walk in the morning after stepping in poo. 

An encouraging word.

LAST CALL for the quilt swap! I'm sending out names this weekend. 
Get all the news on it HERE. 

Love to you all!


  1. Beautiful quilt and sweet dog!! No walks yet for me because it's either been too chilly or snowing or raining. But it's getting warmer this weekend.

  2. Gosh what a lovely quilt--i especially am fond of that top right block..your color choices are so amazing..
    Elbow Waggling from Julierose :))) stay vigilant...

  3. Your quilt is a real beauty, I love everything from your fabrics to the lovely quilting your friend did. A gorgeous finish.

  4. Gorgeous quilt. It looks so different when quilted, your friend did a beautiful job.

  5. Fabulous quilt!!

    I think you might be starting a new trend with the tenies! You never know our--- grandchildren like to mix up their socks...who knows they might do this next!!

    So looking forward to your small quilt swap and thank you for hosting this fun event, Lori.

    Take care, hope all is good with you and your family.


  6. A beautiful finish, congratulations.

  7. I had forgotten all about this quilt.Something that I will need to finish.
    Yours is looking lovely.

  8. A really beautiful finish. Fun to see the close-ups of the quilting.
    Got a chuckle from the mismatched shoes, due to the misstep.
    Was that a randomly placed rock someone just left on the roadside??

  9. I had been meaning to ask if your friend does custom quilting for the public. I assume she does since you gave a contact means for her. She does nice work.

  10. 2 different shoes :0) A lovely finish! The quilting is wonderful and such beautiful applique.

  11. great quilting and wonderful finish!

  12. Love your little quilt. It is nice to have a dog these days I think, it make you have to go outside several times a day. We make a stroll here every day too. Much needed fresh air to clear the head.....


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