Monday, March 30, 2020

Not Your Typical Monday Quilt Post

Working on some binding this weekend and got a pucker where I joined the 2 ends. I thought I could get away with it, in the end the seam ripper won and I'm much happier with it. 
I've been getting out everyday to a local trail system that is usually very quiet- I rarely pass anyone and if I do, they won't be giving me the virus!

I think they are calling this the boneyard.

You can see Elsa up ahead of me on the trail. She loves it!

Now for some funnies I've seen lately

I'm glad my favorite actor is recovering just fine.

 From my daughter. 
 The stress and struggle are real!

A good word from Mike Silva, who I go on mission trips with.

All the names have gone out for the Humble Quilt 2020 swap. If you didn't get your name, please check your spam folder, then email me at if you cannot find it.

Love to you all!


  1. Trying to stay positive here. We are retired so can easily stay home, working out, sewing a little, reading a little, working on a jigsaw puzzle. Trying to look at it like a gift. Curious how this will change Americans. Will all this time at home make them realize they don't miss the things they were chasing after?

  2. We're home for sure. After all, isn't this what we quilters and crafters have been training for all these years? James Cordon commented this morning on TV that he prefered the term 'physical distancing' rather than social distancing. I think I like that term much better myself because we all need to maintain our emotional and psychological (social) connections.

  3. Your "funnies" definitely brought a smile this morning!! I have worked from home for several years and so does my husband - so we are kind of used to it. But this is different because we can't just go out and socialize or have lunch or go to a meeting. But spring weather is finally arriving here in SD so I'm hoping that will help improve our attitudes.

  4. funny notes! faith is on board here big under stay at home as of 8 pm today...

  5. Elsa obviously knows the proper social distance!

  6. Oh, what a smile making post, Lori. We can use those, for sure.
    It is nice to have places to get out and not fear the exposure. I took a walk for a couple of miles this morning and didn't pass a single home but mine.
    And that last comment is something I tell myself ALL the time. II Timothy 1:7

  7. Thanks for the fun thoughts today. Loved the bone yard!

  8. Your quilt looks beautiful. What are the bones, that is rather gruesome?


  9. Yes, those are pretty funny. I too am struggling with the fridge. Walk more, eat less is my daily mantra now! Thanks for my swap partner. I looked her up and it looks like she likes what I like so I am happy. Stay safe and healthy my friend!

  10. Thanks for the laughs today. It helps.

  11. i've been walking outside as usual and it is good therapy.
    stay well and thanks for the chuckles

  12. Poor Tom Hanks, not sure (because of reduced flights) but assumed he got out of hospital in Australia and high tailed it home!


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