Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dresses and Masks! Oh MY!

Among all the uncertainty and mask making a few people made me some dresses for my mission trip later this year. 

 Thank you Beth!
 And Janet!

It is so hard to know where our world will be in two, four or six months, but there will always be needs that we can fill! Thank you both and to all those who have sent dresses! Blessings!!
I know many of you have been mask making machines! Bless you! I've been working more, but had a rare afternoon off and wanted to try my hand at making a few. 
I asked a friend for some masks and she provided them for our employees, but I'd like a few more so they'll have more than one and also they can provide their family members with them.  I found a simple pattern and made 6 of them this afternoon. 

Here was my first prototype. It works and it really easy! 

Let's all be safe and stay well!

Much Love


  1. cute dresses and great mask.

  2. Sweet dress donations! About your mask, Lori... You forgot to smile for the picture. :P
    LOVE your fabric choice!

  3. Love those bright cheerful dresses and masks. We may need to wear masks but they might as well be cheerful.

  4. Great to see your doing well. The masks look great, love how colorful they are.
    Stay safe & healthy!!!

  5. The little dresses are SEW CUTE! Your masks turned out great!

  6. Preciosos vestidos!!!!! Los colores son maravillosos!!! Gracias por compartir y cuĂ­date mucho. Un beso.

  7. Oh Lori, you are so cute in your mask! I so enjoy what you share, your quilt making, your beautiful scenery, your walks... vicariously I am there along side you.


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