Friday, April 10, 2020

Fitful Friday

I'm feel like I'm fitful~ "active or occurring spasmodically or intermittently; not regular or steady."

Nothing is as it should be and it makes me so sad! 
I've slowly started to do a little decorating for spring, but most of that is on this weekend's agenda. 

This liberated basket quilt brings me a smile and reminds me of May Day. 

This is one of my older quilts designed by Country Threads.
And then here is my 4 block version of the Spencer Museum Quilt, pattern by Jan Patek.

Slowly spring is showing her face in little ways. (desert phlox)

Short little daffodils my sister planted in my garden. 

 Still trying to get outdoors every day. My mental health depends on it! This was yesterday's weather! It was a dusty run but so rejuvenating, and I actually slept well- bonus!
I was thinking about trying to make a photo of my next run! This reminds me of a face with a cowboy hat on! LOL This social distancing is getting to me!! 

Taking pleasure in the simple things! I found bleach!

Take care friends!
With Love


  1. Lori preciosos edredones , me encantan las cestas.
    Puedes hacer caminata?
    Gracias por compartir tus flores,
    En España el confinamiento no permite salir nada más, que para hacer compra de comida, Farmacia.

  2. By this time, I think a lot of us are getting fitful. Even this homebody is ready to see my friends but that won't happen right now. Being outside right now is perhaps the best we can do and you have a lovely location to do it. Stay safe.

  3. Good morning, Lori. Mo and I have been out for a pug run [brisk walk] already on this cold grey blustery day. We saw only one other person and *still* had to remind her not to come close with her dog, who is Mo's little frenemy.

    Your quilts and flower finds are delightful. I so love your Baskets and tried to make one. That freehand style is much harder than it seems. I was glad to see your Baskets bec I thought you gave it away during the CA fire times.

    Happy Easter, happy spring


  4. I love your spring quilts. They all make me smile. Hugs

  5. I totally see the cowboy!! Have a blessed Easter!

  6. Oh yes, I see the cowboy hat too! They have closed all the parking areas at pur parks and trails so if you can’t get there on foot, you can’t go. I am relearning the hills of my neighborhood.

  7. LOVE that Basket quilt, Lori! Our big score this week was a tiny 4-pack of toilet paper. LOL!! It really is amazing how an extended period of time within the confines of our homes changes our perspective. (And those of still going out to work, like you, also feel the thrill upon finding hard-to-get supplies during these crazy times!)

  8. I haven't commented on here for awhile, but I love that basket quilt and the others. Reminds me I have a basket quilt UFO I should finish. Back in the day when hubs and I used to run, we'd name our runs. This run of yours should be called the Hat Run, maybe? Glad you could get out; I know that you enjoy that, and you have beautiful area to explore.

  9. Great post! Cheerful quilts, beautiful spring flowers and scenic views!I also see the cowboy hat! You have bleach!!!
    So happy you'r doing well! Stay healthy & safe!!! Happy Easter xox

  10. Love seeing hour spring quilts!

  11. You are fortunate to still be able to go out and hike and run, Lori. We are now restricted with all state parks closed, and not even surfing is allowed! (not that I surf, ahem...) I love the high desert across central Oregon. Are those snowy mountain peaks in the distance, or clouds?

  12. Such beautiful country for running and hiking! In Michigan we have been extended to the end of April. She also closed all the nurseries and other outdoor places yesterday- no flowers to plant for awhile! At least we, too, can go out and play. I enjoy seeing your quilts.

  13. I totally "get" what you said about bleach. I was totally elated to find Clorox wipes at my local Dollar General. I did only find one package but was grateful whoever bought them before me didn't take them all. With my children's weird work schedules I've had to travel an hour in 2 different directions from home to babysit the grandchildren out of school. It's making it a bit difficult to finish my little quilt for the swap the way I'd like to. Any more thoughts on extending the deadline a week into May? Just asking....I can burn the midnight oil if I have to. :) Blessings from WV...Happy Easter.

  14. Happy Easter Lori to you and Yours....thanks for reaching out to us is a different Easter.... hopefully one we will remember, but one we can put behind us....I think the worse part is not being able to see the grand kids....their world is crazy too....but this too shall pass...We are blessed, secluded, sewing masks from our stash, getting reacquainted with our ufo's ....I am on that stay-vacation from work that you always dreamed of but found that it was different than what I now I am going to have a glass of lemonade... would you like to join me?... Big hugs from NJ

  15. Beautiful quilts and flowers! Happy Easter!

  16. Fitful is a good word. I agree - things are just.... not right. Lovely quilts though and hurray for bleach. I ordered some on Amazon and it came straight to my Tokyo apartment;). Peace of mind is worth a lot.


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