Monday, April 13, 2020

Humble Quilt Swap- Update

My little swap quilt was inspired by an antique. This was my start. My quilt is packaged and heading across the international timeline to its destination.  I've extended the mail date to May 9th. Please do your best to get your little quilt completed and in the mail by this date. Sooner is even better. 

 I've been getting antsy so made my way out for a  sunrise hike on Saturday. 

 Close by was another trail I've been wanting to hike and it was open. These rock formations are called palisades. (palisades mean  a line of bold cliffs) Yes they were! 
I passed a horse camp on the way. Coolest old barn/

Easter dessert. Homemade shortcake with strawberries and mimosas. 

I'm still having issues getting comments to come to my email. Sorry for the hassle!

I hope your weekend was blessed. 
Much love


  1. Hi Lori, Mine shld be done by end of next week! 🌿🌷🎼

  2. Mine is done and mailed :0) Thanks for another fun swap Lori. Happy Sewing!

  3. Wow--I can comment on your blog now! Cool! But the big question is, are the comments coming to your email??
    I can tell your swap quilt is adorable and very vintage looking. Lucky the recipient of that gem!
    What a gorgeous sunrise.
    And thanks for the meaning of Palisades. I am familiar with the word, but never knew the meaning. Makes sense now for where I have seen it used.
    Delicious looking Easter dessert!
    I made raspberry bars--twice. I promised my daughter's family I would "ring and run" some Easter treats at their door, and then I messed up the first batch. Hubby and I find the messed up batch doesn't taste too bad! :)

  4. My quilt was mailed last week. Thanks again for hosting this swap. Always look forward to being a part of it. Also, love seeing your hiking pictures. I've not been to Oregon but my niece lives in Portland.

  5. I've got all my pieces cut and ready to sew after work. Hope my plan comes together as well as I hope. Thanks for the time extension.

    Lovely scenes! I haven't been out of the house much, definitely need to activate some Vitamin D on a walk!

  6. Oooo international.... that could be me, he he;). I made a good start on mine yesterday and look forward to it being my sole quilting focus for awhile. Never knew that’s what palisades means. Your hikes are always very cool! Yummy dessert!

  7. I too, am having problems getting comments to publish on my email page--I keep changing the settings under the comment section, but nothing seems to work--oh well--life goes on and we will just have to do it the oldfashioned way and read them at the end of our blog post each day!!!
    neat blocks and and yummy shortcake-
    luv, di stay safe-

  8. I sent my Swap quilt . Hopefully it arrives in the not too distant future.

  9. I love strawberry shortcake! Wish I could have been there to have a big piece!

  10. Happy Easter Lori - your pink dishes are just lovely! yum
    gorgeous hike photos too

  11. Happy Easter, Lori! Yum .... strawberry shortcake & mimosas. Yes, please!

  12. I enjoy your hikes a lot. On with this week.

  13. That old horse cabin barn would be a fabulous place for taking quilt photos.

    I was having issues with emails coming to me also. Then, I saw this fix on someone's blog and clicked onto the link and did what they instructed and now am getting my emails again.

    You have to remove your email address, save and then go back in and type in your email address again. An easy fix.

  14. I mailed my doll quilt today. I love the barn picture!

  15. Hi Lori, your quilt looks lovely. I am working on my swap quilt.

  16. Love the cheddar with the lighter pinks. So very sweet.:) Perfect for a doll quilt!

  17. love your little swap, even if you show us unfinished!

  18. Mine is almost finished My first quilt swap
    Thanks for letting me participate


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